1st blown hemi

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    need some help with our 1st hemi build , were building a nos alky funny car ,need to run 6,80 s /90 s to start . have a 1990 stage 3 kb motor that we ran injected last year to learn to run the car . motor has 1/2 stroke brc crank with rod journals turned to 2.200 for 6.8 chevy rods .would like to reuse crank in very nice shape. were gonna put alum rods an new pistons #1 will small journal crank be ok ? #2 rod length ? #3 pistons comp? heads are dart fuel from 89 gary ormsby style ? dual plug forging done by steve sanchez . have new bds air lock blower 8/71 new enderle 16 gpm pump need to do rotating ass and new camshaft like to hear your thoughts we run with glnfcc need safe reliable power also run 2 spd glide no clutch thanks
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    years ago I ran a stage 3 ...4.500 stroke deal what I hated about this was the rods had to be cut to clear the cam shaft...as for the chevy stuff could not tell you a thing..comp. I would say 12.5.1

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