Mar 30, 2015
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    1. rob s
      rob s
      Hi have a can that u r interested in please get in touch with me thx
    2. rob s
      rob s
      Hi email me have a browell with starter pocket and 8 5 /8 deep thx
    3. 32 bantam
      32 bantam
      Hi Boostedgt500.......we are in the process of relocating in LHC. Bought a house but still have our Rochester NY property. I knew Gorr was in he open to visitors? Maybe us him to flow my pumps .
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      2. boostedgt500
        LHC is a great place for people like us!
        You can walk into his shop anytime. I would have him flow your system. Spike IS one of the best and that's all he really does so he is focused on getting your stuff right and when you need to talk to him, he is available. Lol. I've talked to him 100 times on the phone, but every time I've stopped by his shop, I somehow missed him so we've never met face to face.
        Dec 29, 2015
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