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For Immediate Release
May 27, 2005
Contact: Will Hanna/ Pro Race Communications

Callaway looking to turn up the heat in Dallas

ENNIS, Texas - Former NHRA Division 4 Top Alcohol Dragster Champion Lee Callaway will looking to use some of his sponsor's Tejano Salsa to turn up the heat on the competition during this weekend's Division 4 Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series event at the famed Texas Motorplex, just south of Dallas. With hot conditions appearing to be the achilles heel of the injected-nitro cars, Callaway, the lone blown alcohol car left in Division 4, hope to find the combination of hot racing action on the track with hot Tejano Salsa for the racers to 'sample' in the pit.

For Callaway, from Baytown, Texas, this will be his first outing in Division 4 competition this year. After missing the season opener at Houston Raceway Park, the team debuted at the O'Reilly Spring Nationals held there. Despite losing in the first round, Callaway feels his team made many strides in the right direction.

"We didn't kill the world in Houston," explained Callaway. "But we did find some major problems in the clutch department we fought all of last year. We went from literally shaking the body off the car last year to getting down the track, and got back into the 5.40's. That's nothing to jump up and down about, but we're back heading in the right direction. Now that we feel like we can get down the track, we're going to make a few test laps on Thursday in Dallas to see if we can step it up some."

"We're going to get some special Habanero Reserve sauce made by Tejano Salsa and try to heat it up for the A/Fuelers," joked Callaway. "If they can't handle the heat, they can always come by the trailer and get some 'Texas Mild' sauce. If they get too far out of line, I may just have to take my blower belt off."

Qualifying starts on Friday for the...
Bar's Leaks Motorsports
Branch-Etterman Racing
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For Immediate Release
May 27, 2005
Contact: Will Hanna/ Pro Race Communications

Branch looking for two in a row in Dallas

ENNIS, Texas - Former three-time NHRA Division 4 Top Alcohol Funny Car Champion Tate Branch will be looking to stay perfect in Division 4 competition this year during this weekend's Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series event at the famed Texas Motorplex just south of Dallas. Branch opened the year with a win in the Bar's Leaks Repair-It/ Branch-Etterman Racing Camaro, and would love to make it two-in-a-row this weekend.

Branch, from Artesia, N.M., is certifiably 'hot' coming into the race. He not only enters the race with one divisional win under his belt, but is fresh off a runner-up finish at the Nationals in Las Vegas. Armed with what they call the 'Big Mo' in football, Branch and team hope to keep their momentum going this weekend.

"We want to keep things going this weekend," said Branch. "I also want to put that redlight in the Vegas final behind me as well, and give the field something else to talk about. We're all pretty excited; the hot rod is running pretty well right now. But first things first, we have to go out there on Friday and qualify. Making a strong run out of the trailer is a pretty big priority to us."

Currently third in national points and first in Division 4 points, Branch and team realize this is only one more step in a long battle ahead.

"I'm sure it's going to be a long tough battle this year in Division 4," stated Branch. "Jackie [Stidham] and the guys over there are real tough, and they can show up and win any race. Then you got guys like Richard McClain, Kebin Kinsley and Jimmy Jones all coming on strong of late, it's going to be a real dogfight all year long."

Qualifying begins on Friday for the alcohol cars with one qualifier, followed by two more sessions on...
Courtesy of Larry Sullivan - FastNews Network

Thomas made the most of the opportunity he was presented when two-time reigning points champion
Rob Atchison, winner of he season-opener at San Antonio, Texas, was beaten in the first round
for the second straight year"
"The car's fast," Thomas said, "(and) it's not hurting anything. It was a good weekend for

Despite Atchison's problems, Thomas said the points race is far from over. In fact, the
five-time former series champion (1990, 1991, 1992, 1994 and 2001) predicted that the new
eight-car lineup will make the championship chase a lot more interesting.

"Once you get qualified, the eight-car field is great," he said, "as long as you're one of the
eight guys. T'he only real adjustment you have to make is not chewing your fingers to the bone
during qualifying.

"Once race day is here, you've got really tough races every round. I really like it. I think
it's neat. Any one of those eight cars can win the whole thing (and) that will make a really
interesting year.

"I'll predict that sometime over the course of the year one of the op cars, whether it's me or
Rob, will not qualify for a race. Maybe all of us. We've got a lot of good competition (and) I
think it's making excellent racing."


ROUND ONE -- Tony Bogolo, Ford Mustang, 5.874, 231.52 def. Rob Atchison, Pontiac Firebird,
24.557, 20.95; Mark Thomas, Dodge Avenger, 5.801, 241.37 def. Terry Munroe, Firebird, 5.875,
238.17; Chris Foster, Avenger, 5.858, 238.09 def. Thomas Carter, Chevy Camaro, 6.169, 180.16;
Melinda Green-King, Avenger, 5.931, 235.68...
Funny Car

1. Mark Thomas 199
2. Rob Atchison 166
3. Chris Foster 132
4. Thomas Carter 120
5. Terry McMillen 113
Jim Sickles 113
7. Terry Munroe 112
8. Melinda Green-King 97
9. Mark Poyser 89
10. Tony Bogolo 59
11. Trevor Lebsack 30
12. Jeff Burnett 25
13. Burl Brown 15
Larry Dobbs 15
Bill Naves 15
Dan Roman 15
John Sullivan 15
Chris Holley sucessfuly completed his top alcohol license runs at Houston Raceway Park on Saturday
April 23, 2005 in the Holley & Woosley a-fuel dragster. He will be making his first competetion apperance at the Division 4 Ennis race on the 29th of the month.



Coming off their first national event victory in Las Vegas, Girl Power Racing and driver Hillary Will, head to Pacific Raceway in Seattle to try for a repeat performance. The team will compete at the Bucky's Muffler, Radiator, and Brake Centers Fire, Smoke, & Thunder Nationals April 23rd and 24th.

Spectators will be able to catch a glimpse of what is to come this season in the Division six Pacific Northwest, home of the top blown alcohol dragsters in the country. Fans may also have the chance to see a re-match from the Las Vegas final race between Will, 25 of Scotia California and former divsion six champion, Joey Severance. It will be a show down with all the heavy hitters on hand including current division six champion Steve Federlin. The Girl Power Racing tuner, seventeen–time national event winner, and Northwest hall of famer, Bucky Austin, will also be racing his top alcohol funny car.

Qualifying begins on Saturday April 23 and continues to Sunday. The top two cars will square off in the final round for the Chicago-style match race.

Torco Race Fuels Motorsports
Wilson Racing
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For Immediate Release April 21, 2005
Contact: Mark Rowe / Wilson Racing

Wilson Racing falls short in fastest side-by-side run, but gains ironclad support!

Indianapolis, IN. - This past weekend's NHRA / Lucus Oil Division event at the Indianapolis Raceway Park in Indianapolis, Indiana was the 1st Division 3 Event this year for the NHRA / Lucas Oil Division 3 Torco Race Fuels / Wilson Racing Top Alcohol Dragster Team.

Wilson, from Winfield, Mo., was pleased after qualifying 5th in the hottest weather conditions of the year to date." We have always talked about how important qualifying is and this past weekend was the perfect example. We lost first round in the quickest side-by side run during all of elimination's. We didn't expect the temperatures to be that hot this time of the year and we just missed the tune-up, but not by much.". stated Wilson.

"We are very happy to have left the event still in the points lead. This class is getting tougher each and every race and as I have said many times before, we need to be able to step it up every race." stated Wilson "We have a fairly young team that is working together very well, not to mention they all get along and have fun all at the same time. We are running consistently in the 5.40's and it is only a matter of time before we find the right combination to run consistently in the 5.30's ".

Wilson Racing is pleased to announce additional support for his Team. The Iron Clad Glove Company has signed as a sponsor for the remainder of the year. "We are excited to have Iron Clad involved with our Team and considering our crew uses several different types of their products, it makes for a good partnership. They have so many different types and styles it makes it really easy to find and fit each member of our crew with the necessary protection they need to do the job both... Dodge Stratus

NHRA Top Alcohol Funny Car

For Immediate Release:

April 19, 2005

In The Winners Circle…

Clermont, Indiana – The Dodge Stratus Top Alcohol Funny Car, driven by Danny Townsend, chalked up a dominating win at Indianapolis Raceway Park, April 17. After only two qualifying runs, the car had a padlock on top qualifier honors, low elapsed time and top speed at the NHRA Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series North Central Division event. On Sunday evening, Frank Parker, team owner, was answering his cell phone “Winners Circle, how may I help you?”

This was a complete turn-around from the car’s NHRA season debut, a month earlier, where it went out in the first round. Parker commented on that… “We were really excited about joining our team and were looking forward to making a good first impression. But the car still had some wrapping paper on it and we had no time for testing.” The three runs in Gainesville were enough to steer Parker’s crew in the right direction.

The Dodge Stratus is the first in TAFC to use a true “nitro” body, not an adaptation, and a McKinney alcohol chassis, purpose-built for the body. “I was disappointed, in Gainesville,” said Townsend, “but I could feel potential in the car. Here, our second qualifying run was right down Broadway, in the heat of the day, at a 5.708 and 253.99.” With that, Townsend strapped in, put a huge chunk of that potential on the pavement and ran away with the first round – in spite of the engine shutting down just before the lights. A piston and bent valve were changed and the car moved back into the staging lanes. Round two was a repeat – advantage, engine problem, win – but this time the engine problem was terminal.

With time till the final round winding down, Mick Snyder’s Torco Fuels crew pitched in to help get the Dodge Stratus up and running. Watching a complete engine rebuild, between the semi and final rounds, is a bit like...
Bar's Leaks Motorsports
Branch-Etterman Racing
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For Immediate Release
April 20, 2005
Contact: Will Hanna/ Pro Race Communications

Branch misses win by .001 in Vegas

LAS VEGAS - Many times over the past few years, NHRA Top Alcohol Funny Car driver Tate Branch has been referred to as the 'best driver in Top Alcohol Funny Car not to have won a national event.' During this past weekend's Nationals at 'The Strip' in Las Vegas, Branch and the Bar's Leaks Repair It/ Branch-Etterman Racing team came just .001 of a second away from losing that title when Branch left .001 of a second too soon, giving his opponent Steve Gasparrelli the final round victory.

Branch, from Artesia, N.M., qualified his Dave Scheelk tuned Camaro tenth in the tough field with a 5.775 second elapsed time at 247.07 mph. In round one, he used a 5.803 at 247.47 mph to defeat Hank Coolidge and then a 5.830 at 245.72 mph to take out Bernie Harrington. After that round Scheelk found a problem in the tune-up that turned immediate results by dispatching Larry Miner in the semifinals with a 5.718 at 253.66 mph.

In his final round bout with Gasparrelli, Branch reacted just .001 of a second too soon, redlighting away a 5.750 at 253.61 mph. Gasparrelli ran a quicker 5.732 at 251.81, but had a much later .072 reaction time. Had Branch cut a perfect light (.000) he could have ran as slow as a 5.804 and won.

"I'm really disappointed I let the team down by redlighting," said Branch. "Dave [Scheelk], George [Etterman] and the team gave me a great hot rod. I don't really know why I redlighted. I was cutting good lights all day, then that light in the final. Maybe I rolled in a touch deeper. I've relived the run a 1000 times since Sunday, but I'm putting it behind me now. We're looking at it in a positive light. To make the finals after qualifying tenth in that field was really something. After the...
Top Alcohol Dragster
Point Standings
Position Driver Points N/D
01 Ashley Force 315 4/2
02 Chris Demke 232 2/2
03 Aaron Olivarez 231 4/2
04 Duane Shields 211 3/2
05 Jeff Wilson 208 3/2
06 Steve Federlin 176 2/1
07 Robert Perkins 170 2/2
08 Edwin Schmeeckle 164 2/2
09 Hillary Will 149 2/0
10 Randy Meyer 146 2/1
11 Ben Harper 137 2/2
12 Arthur Allen 116 1/1
13 Mike Austin 115 2/2
14 Guy Kelly 106 1/1
14 Joey Severance 106 2/0
16 Darryl Hitchman 105 2/1
17 Dave Hirata 95 1/1
18 Todd Datweiler 85 0/1
18 Shelly Howard 85 0/1
20 Larry Miersch 83 2/2
20 Gene Snow 83 2/1
22 Karl Brounkowski 74 1/1
22 Ken Perry 74 1/1
22 Bill Reichert 74 1/1
22 Jeff Veale 74 1/1
26 Jack Beckman 73 2/1
26 Arthur Gallant 73 2/0
28 James Thompson Jr 63 1/1
29 Mark Niver 62 2/2
30 Johnny Ahten 61 2/2
30 Dan Mercier 61 1/1
32 Michael Gunderson 53 1/0
33 Jon Capps 52 2/0
33 Jeffrey Isbell 52 1/1
33 Robin Samsel 52 1/2
36 Kevin Brown 51 2/1
37 Jeff Bohr 43 0/1
37 William Zivkovich 43 0/1
39 Dick Garlets 42 0/2
39 Ron Griffis 42 1/1
39 Randy Johnson 42 1/0
42 Vitali Kazakevich 41 1/1
42 Carl Magee 41 1/1
42 Brandon Pierce 41 1/1
42 Greg Tacke 41 2/0
46 Wayne Morris 40 1/1
47 Don Fiorelli 32 0/1
47 Clifford Whitley 32 0/1
49 Mark Albert 31 1/0
49 Richard Bourke 31 1/0

Top Alcohol Funny Car
Point Standings
Position Driver Points N/D
01 Jay Payne 264 4/1
02 Steve Gasparrelli 244 2/2
03 Tate Branch 233 3/1
04 Dennis Taylor 190 2/2
05 Bob Newberry 149 2/0
06 Mark Billington 128 1/1
07 Doug Gordon 127 2/2
07 David Ray 127 2/0
09 Larry Miner 117 1/1
10 Frank Manzo 116 2/0
10 Danny Townsend 116 1/1
12 Cy Chesterman 115 3/0
12 Johann Wernhart 115 2/2
14 Bret Williamson 105 2/2
15 Mark Woznichak 104 2/2
16 Brian Hough 95 2/0
17 Shawn Jones 93 2/1
18 Mick Snyder 85 1/1
18 Jackie Stidham 85 1/1
20 Ron August Jr 84 2/0
21 Steve...