Share your scams here.....maybe we can learn from other's scams...

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    Apr 18, 2005
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    scam alert

    heres one i just received that i didnt know anyone was scamming the want ads on ita. 8mm pulleys wanted wanted aluminum 8mm pulleys in .75 inch offset with 53 and 55 tooth count 3.5 inch wide. let me know what you have . also need long spacer in pulley for reversing the starter drive to space out from inside the pulley. nitrobandit1@Thursday, December 10, 2009 5:48 AM
    From: This sender is DomainKeys verified"Keith Morgan" <>Add sender to ContactsTo: nitrobandit1@yahoo.comHello Friend,

    In response to your Wanted ad, I have the requested Spares(Parts) for
    sale in a good condition. Delivery is cheap & affordable. Kindly
    Advise on your opinion concerning Condition & Price.

    51 Upper Wimpole Street, United Kingdom.
    smells just like the post 2 up. ill send money tomorrow keith.:cool:
  2. jim phillips

    jim phillips ta/fc

    Apr 29, 2007
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    as for those tax places guarnteed to solve your problems two locations to serve you ca. and lv nevada called GTR GOT ME FOR 3300.00 and can get them to return a call are e-mail pricks i could have spent that monet on my car

    and still owe a shit load of money to the irs i probley could have cut a deal myself
  3. underby6

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    Sep 28, 2006
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    I got a similar email as the one sent to "Nitrobandit". Will if I send you this guys email address can you ban him?

    Brandon Booher
    NHRA TAD #44
  4. Will Hanna

    Will Hanna We put the 'inside' in Top Alcohol
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    May 6, 2003
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    If they are scamming, its going to be pretty difficult to ban them, they are usually experts in manipulating ip addresses, etc.

    However, if you do get a parts enquiry from UK or Europe, I wouldn't automatically jump to the conclusion that they are scammers. There are more racers than you think over there that read this site.

    Just as in all cases, CYA.
  5. John E. Wilson

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    Jun 1, 2005
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    eBay Stuff

    Watch out for a guy who posts multiple auctions (let's say clutch floaters).
    He takes a long time to ship the first auction you win, saying he's waiting on double sided boxes, etc. You get it, it's due $47.00 shipping (you prepaid the shipping, so WTF?). He has a good rating, says he'll make it up on the other clutch floater auction you "won" on January 15th. ( a few days after the first). You get a string of excuses from the TAD guy until the time for ebay to act has run out and you never get the stuff you paid for in advance. Send me a P.M. if you'd like the facts. I thought he was just a good guy that wasn't taking care of his business but six weeks flies in the face of that theory. It's a piddly amount of money but the idea of being ripped off is galling.
  6. kbhemi

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    Oct 14, 2003
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    Hello Friend !

    Do you still need the parts? I still have some that I'm willing to
    part with. I also deal in full cars and bikes. Send me an E-mail, if
    you are still looking to buy. What's your phone number?

    55 Jewry Street London EC3N 2EY UK.
    Hello Friend !
    >> Do you still need the parts? I still have some that I'm willing to
    >> part with. I also deal in full cars and bikes. Send me an E-mail, if
    >> you are still looking to buy. What's your phone number?
    >> xxxxxx xxxxxx
    >> 55 Jewry Street London EC3N 2EY UK.
    >> +447024087504
    Then -
    Hello Watne

    Thanks for the mail. I have all of the requested sensor but don't have
    pictures of them in my e-mail box though all are brand new and I am
    asking a $230USD as I will be shipping via UPS on a 3 working days
    delivery and will accept payment via Western Union or Money Gram.
    What's your complete shipping address

    Watch your back guys!!!
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  7. thjts

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    Jun 14, 2005
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    Well, I got scammed by someone over there who is a racer and (supposedly) operates a racing shop. I ordered parts from him, paid him and waited. He gave me the run around, I emailed him, I rang him, nothing. The last email I sent him was to tell him how disappointed I was with him and that if he had any decency at all he would at least return the money I sent him. Needless to say I've never heard back from him or received the money.

    I've since ordered the parts from American Racing Supply in Las Vegas who have given me fantastic service. I highly recommend them.

    Paul Jacobs.

    P.S. Will, I don't understand your policy of not naming the scammers. How can anyone be forewarned if they don't know who to avoid?
  8. chaindriveblowersrule

    Jul 1, 2010
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    I got this one too looking for V drive Nailhead stuff. Can't take pictures..etc.. Scam city.

    Hello Friend !

    Do you still need the parts? I still have some that I'm willing to
    part with. I also deal in full cars and bikes. Send me an E-mail, if
    you are still looking to buy. What's your phone number?

    55 Jewry Street London EC3N 2EY UK.
  9. thjts

    thjts New Member

    Jun 14, 2005
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    The only way we can stop these people from ripping everyone is if we name and shame them. Make it known who they are and no one will deal with them. They'll soon go away, and our sport will be a better place.

  10. noiraude

    noiraude Member

    Oct 25, 2010
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    is it a scam?

    hi there!
    i m cyril from france,a newcomer to this website.
    i ve been looking for a used PSI low profile quadstar injector(like the one on scotty cannon's early vette,or hi studebaker)and placed a "wanted" ad on ad.
    got an answer yesterday from UK,somebody offering one in mint condition for...225US$ including shipping to france,but no pics available...
    am i being taken for a fool?
    does anybody out there know what the right price should be for that?
  11. jbenham

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    Nov 13, 2006
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    I got this one yesterday

    I was suspicious this was a scam but figured what the hell... I'm bored I will play along...

    Hello buddy,

    This is **** from the UK. Please contact me via e-mail or phone if you still require the item requested in your advert. What's your mobile? Check
    signature for my mobile.

    United Kingdom
    Phone #: +44(0)702 405 8098

    I replied that I was still looking for the part (8147 points box)

    He sent this reply and even had a pic of the points box but looked like it was off jegs site

    Hello Jeff,

    Thanks for responding. I have a MSD 8147 Pro Mag Points Box. Brand:
    MSD, Mfr Part#: 8147 in stock for sale in a mint condition and never
    used and Ill try ringing you later. I have attached our computer scan
    of what you'll be getting. I have made shipping inquiries and I am
    asking a 400USD for box shipped. I'll be shipping via UPS on a 4-5
    days delivery and will accept payment via Western Union or Money gram.
    What's your complete shipping address?


    Hello Jeff,

    Thanks for the mail and quick response. Please check my signature should you need to ring me. I have noted down the shipping address and will commence special packaging. Below are the information you'll need to make payment. You can do that at your leisure.

    Receiver's Name: ******
    Address: 27 York Street London, W1U 6PX, United Kingdom
    Amount to Send: 400USD (Price for unit delivered)

    Once you are done with the payment, you are to e-mail a scanned copy of the payment receipt for payment verification or the below information.

    Sender's Name
    Amount Sent:

    I will e-mail you a tracking number for UPS and relevant shipping information once payment is received and confirmed.


    I replied that the only way i would do it is for him to ship it COD.. never heard back so then I emailed him again and told him I remembered I had a friend that lived close by and they would come by and pick it up so I asked him for his complete address LOL never heard back!
  12. suddendebt

    suddendebt Blown Altered

    Aug 16, 2009
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    ebay vehicle purchase program

    so you find a truck online, email the guy to get contact info.... then he emails you back and says he is a vet and is getting shipped back out to the desert next month and needs to sell his car, truck, what ever now..... its priced really good!

    So next email from him is when the ebay stuff starts, Hey so and so use the ebay vehicle buyer protection program invoice I sent you, it works like this, you send a western union transfer to the ebay designated person in my area.... Oh yeah he is not in your area anymore but more follows to explain that...... Then ebay guy gets with me and I ship truck to you.

    You have seven days to look over the truck and see if you like it. if you dont I send you the money back and you just have to pay to ship it back.

    So an ebay email comes to you and its an invoice. looks real too, then you send the money and get no contact after the money is picked up..... so you call ebay and western union to stop the payment...... to late its all gone and ebay says its a scam and that it is not their fault... so your out money and a car!

    Dont let it happen to you! just passing it along!
  13. rattler

    rattler AA/Fuel Altered

    Feb 22, 2008
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    I have some gut trying to Scam me now , He wants to buy parts from me and me send him a Western Union funds to the U.K.Thats right he wants me to send him money for my parts.
    His name is Larry Osborne, e-mail:
  14. The Clan

    The Clan Pro street

    Dec 19, 2007
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    Crankshaft speacialties

    Crankshaft Speacialties
    " WARNING" I am sure most have heard about Crankshaft speacialties Fraudulant buisness practice but beware there is another partner of his Named Virgil Griffith out of Sadieville Kentucky that is in with this guy. i got ripped off for $1100 on a crank that was supposed to be a Billet Sonny Bryant stroker and was delivered a non billet, non bryant crank with several cracks on every journal. After tons of phone calls to Virgil and his buddys at crankshaft speacialties i am stuck with a boat anchor they say is good and is a bryant crank( several machinst checked this crank out and agreed that it is junk). This guy also has a E-Bay account under HEMIMAN605 do not buy from this CROOK.
  15. TADHemiracer

    TADHemiracer Member

    Dec 9, 2010
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    Crankshaft Specialists Not Specialities

    I had a bad experience from Crankshaft Specialists in memphis also. There is another company named Crankshaft Specialities but they are two different people. In my transaction with Crankshaft Specialists in Memphis, I did business off of Ebay with a Virgil Griffith (HEMIMAN605) who acted as the middle man in the sale but the crank came from Crankshaft Specialists in Memphis, Doug Rowe to be exact. Same sotry about how it came down, I got screwed for $900 for a bad crank they would not make good. Lie after lie about going tomake it good but never did. I was even told that "if you send the crank back to me I will just keep it". I told I was going to sue him. He said "you can't sue me, I have been doing this for thirty years". Now I find out that the time length is probably correct. You'd think the Tennessee Attorney General would get involved. BUYER BEWARE!!!
  16. TADHemiracer

    TADHemiracer Member

    Dec 9, 2010
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    Scammers Still Looking For Suckers

    A couple of weeks ago I posted a want to buy ad here on ITA, looking for one or more new sets of hemi 1" lifters.
    Stay with me here.
    A couple of days ago I got an email from some scammer in the UK.
    He says he will sell me a set for $40 a set of 16.
    I replied back that I am looking for new 1" sets of 16.
    He replied back asking how many sets I wanted, that he had a lot of sets.
    I replied back that I wanted at least 110 sets of 16 lifters but that I wanted a discount for that many sets.
    He replies back that he would sell them to me 110 sets of 16 lifters for $3,750 and that I could wire transfer the money to him. Some story about bank to bank transfer but slow to receive. (110 sets of Crane 1" at $1100 per set = $121,000) Looks like he is going to save me A LOT OF MONEY!!!!
    I said I need to be sure that he had the correct kind of lifter for me.
    I told him I was looking for the kind that had double goose springs on top with a locking nut to adjust the springs.
    He said, yes, that is exactly what he has for sale and he sent me his wire transfer address.
    Says to send him HALF and he would TRUST ME to send the other half after he sends me shipping confirmation for the double goose springed lifters with the locking nut on top.
    YEAH RIGHT! I am sending the money tomorrow, OH, or NOT.
  17. smallfish

    smallfish Guest

    I am always wary of sending parts in the mail, but usually dont have a problem with ups cod, specifying cashiers check or bank money order, takes a while to get your money, but works. unfortunately i did some advertising in the national dragster and got somebody out of florida interested in my stuff. im in san diego, so cant get a face to pick it up, ok so i send the stuff through the us post office. i say cashiers check or money order ok. :eek:
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  18. ymiracing

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    Apr 10, 2011
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    Beware of scammer

    This guy has screwed a bunch of people on Racing Junk!! user name Fast 68 He has got some 5.0 bore spacing stuff for sale on this site. go to the scammer section on Racing junk for a sample look at AKA Bad1963, johnny rocket, redrocket, bad1968 from O fallon missouri
  19. bottomdollar

    bottomdollar New Member

    Dec 3, 2006
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    fraud??? False advertising??

    This is a Company who seen me looking for a engine. This is his AD

    NEW! Big Block Chevy 427 standard deck 9.800

    Now: $8,800.00 (without blower and injector)

    4 bolt mains with eagle steel caps
    G.M. forged steel crankshaft 3.760 stroke Velasco cut .010/.010
    Billet Engle roller camshaft
    Crower roller lifters
    Venolia rods
    Venolia coated pistons 8.9-1 compression with 2 extra pistons -4.250 bore
    Pete jackson comp gear drive ,
    Weiand front cover
    Enderle Billet fuel pump extension
    RCD crank hub
    ARP bolts and Studs throughout
    melling HV oil pump with mods
    milodon pickup
    chrome oil pan 10qt
    Dart Iron eagle heads
    Manley stainless valves .
    100 long Manely springs
    Manley retainers, pushrods
    Dart valve covers
    littlefield blower manifold with burst panel installed
    and port nozzels drilled.
    Complete 8 MM blower drive with pulleys belt and idler assy. all new !
    6-71 blower shop supercharger with 4" snout
    Enderle birdcatcher

    Now: $8,800.00 (without blower and injector)

    All parts new and ready to run ,this could be run on gas ...

    Here is what we got!!!! OH FOR $8900 price went up

    Heads were Used,Welded,and epoxied
    The piston were used with exhaust valve inpressions on them where thay had hit.
    The pushrods used .080 wall
    no new valve covers one was split open
    used GM truck pan
    no oil pump
    no pick up
    no pump extension
    Used Crane lifters
    No stud girtle
    no port nozzles
    no place for port nozzzles
    Used crank hub and wheel
    No timming pointer

    After talking to supplier he shipped me a used pump new pickup New hub and wheel

    made one race motor went down????

    Took to a Engine shop

    Piston were .003 out of hole with.o30 gasket (leaving 27 piston to head clearance with alumium rods??)
    Valve guieds soo tight that valve sticking and piston hitting valve.
    This is a flat top piston with 320.valve to piston clearanace
    Bent 4 valves
    One valve spring differant to all others coil bind befor max lift(that is what caused push rod to break
    Piston to cyl clearance .021 (.008 would be nice)

    Any good advice on this?????
    Talk to supplier cant get anywhere close he is offering a set of rods????
    Willie 918-724-0941 tulsa ok
  20. bandit496

    bandit496 Member

    May 25, 2010
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    $45000 trailer

    Here is my scam: I advertised a 48 foot Haulmark fifth wheel with living quarters for sale. Got an e-mail wanting to know how much. Answer was in the ad $40000. I decided to play the guy's game. Long story short, a day later UPS driver arrives at my house with an overnight letter. I wasn't expecting anything (UPS driver even stayed while I opened it). Inside a check for $45000. I was to deposit check and send what was left (after I kept a commission for myself) to an address in Maryland. A driver would be by to pick up the trailer. I didn't deposit the check. He e-mailed a couple of times again and I answered that he paid too much. I only wanted $40K for the trailer, so if he sent me that amount, he could get the trailer. Never heard from Peter Sontos again. I still have the check that came Next Day UPS from California, drawn on a lumber company in Florida (remainder to go to Maryland!!). Just be careful and beat them at their own game. I took the scammer for at least a Next Day UPS charge!! JW

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