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    each time I've posted looking for a part I get e-mails from England, NewZeal stating they have the part in stock or similar and offer to sell at a low price,they accept paypal and can ship for free or very low price, one such "seller" in Britain stated he could send a hemi four speed to me for $300.00 including shipping from the UK. when I've asked for a picture of the part it is usually "we decided to keep it, we sold it" or no response at all and no further contact.
    buyer beware...

    no personal response to me needed, just an FYI
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    Scammers Wanting your Hard Earned Money

    Here is a post of mine from a while bacfk about scammers who say they are in the UK and willling to sell at a huge discount. Yeah Right.

    I posted a want to buy ad here on ITA, looking for one or more new sets of hemi 1" lifters.
    Stay with me here.
    A couple of days ago I got an email from some scammer in the UK.
    He says he will sell me a set for $40 a set of 16.
    I replied back that I am looking for new 1" sets of 16.
    He replied back asking how many sets I wanted, that he had a lot of sets.
    I replied back that I wanted at least 110 sets of 16 lifters but that I wanted a discount for that many sets.
    He replies back that he would sell them to me 110 sets of 16 lifters for $3,750 and that I could wire transfer the money to him. Some story about bank to bank transfer but slow to receive. (110 sets of Crane 1" at $1100 per set = $121,000) Looks like he is going to save me A LOT OF MONEY!!!!
    I said I need to be sure that he had the correct kind of lifter for me.
    I told him I was looking for the kind that had double goose springs on top with a locking nut to adjust the springs.
    He said, yes, that is exactly what he has for sale and he sent me his wire transfer address.
    Says to send him HALF and he would TRUST ME to send the other half after he sends me shipping confirmation for the double goose springed lifters with the locking nut on top.
    YEAH RIGHT! I am sending the money tomorrow, OH, or NOT.

    FYI: All the scammer needs to steal your money is the MTCN (money transfer control number) and the amount. The scammer can be in any country anywhere in the world and receive the money no matter what country he "says" he is in.
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    My part picture showed up-WOW!

    A good seller in the UK just notified me that he had the part I needed in good condition/great price and thet he would send as soon as payment was made to him by Western Union. I asked for a picture of the part and he got on the internet and sent a picture of my ProMod with the part on it and was going to sell me my parts. It is very entertaining to ask for a left handed monkey wrench or etc., and they have it too! THANKS! Jim from TN
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    Jim that car is a quality piece, very well cared for by a great guy I know in TN....I would not hesitate to sell you anything you need off of it for a good


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    iam in ...I want the double gooses is the best I have seen on this site...Dave...p.s. Duck Shit!!

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