New all billet NRE Block, S600 heads, Intake, Covers, gear drive, and flanges for sale

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    I am now able to part this stuff out or will trade for a used man to pan fathead hemi

    -New true billet NRE block, Front mounted oil pump design (No more knocking the oil lines off with a rod)
    1/2" Short deck
    4.5" Bore
    2" Spread lifters
    1" Lifter Diameter
    65mm Babbit cam (Can go to 60 mm roller by changing bearings)
    O-ringed decks for the ultimate in sealing
    Main, gear drive, oil pan, and bell housing studs included
    -New NRE billet gear drive for the above block
    $9,400 (Cost $10,450 new)

    -New bare pair of NRE S600 billet heads, these heads are on record holding Pro Extreme, Pro boost, Top alcohol dragster, and Top alcohol funny cars and are the best head you can buy
    Setup for 2.55/1.95 valves
    -New NRE header flanges for S600 heads
    $6,075 (Cost $6,750 new)

    -New Pair of super trick Billet valve covers (Machined aluminum finish)
    Aluminum o-ringed captive nuts
    Handles for pulling the covers off
    $2,150 (Cost $2,400 new)

    -New NRE billet intake (Picked up 60 HP on the dyno over BAE)
    Roots design
    Can be used as digital or std injection with adapters (Not included)
    Comes w/ NRE fuel rails
    Carbon belly tray to keep hot oil off the intake
    Phenolic spacers to keep heat from the heads from transferring into the intake
    -Spare quick release burst panel (4 bolts and the whole assy is changed)
    $5,175 (Cost $5,750 new)

    Package deals $22,300 for all or $17,375 less intake and spare burst panel assy.
    Interested in trading for a used billet blocked man to pan fathead hemi, must have 4.4675 or 4.5" bore, 60mm cam or larger.

    All new and best of all no waiting list

    Buyer picks up or pays shipping from 34610 Cash or bank transfer only.

    This saves 10 percent on new parts. This engine takes all off the shelf fathead parts save for the gear drive and the oil pan. Olson sells the pans or NRE will send the pattern to a company of your choosing. Intake is currently at Rage fuel systems and I could have it shipped from there or may be able to pick it up in Jan.

    Calling or emailing is best as I don't always notice the ITA PM's.

    Trevor Sherwood
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    Would you sell heads and covers seperate ? PM'd you
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