Lenco or b&j trans

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    I don't think Gary, Matt and crew are at Lenco, are they?
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    Wondering what the penalty is for Smuggling "Large quantity's" of Lenco's, into the EAU is,
    without paying the proper import duties on them?

    Ive always raced w/Lenc0's, but ironically told several clients to buy B & Js over the yrs if it fit there needs better, even thou there just not what we "jackazz door car guys" consider "Standard issue", in the door slammer world, in general. If anyone still wants to know the general pros & cons, ON THIS DEAD THREAD, lol as of "to date, nov-'17", here we go..

    Id say the B & J triple sprag is extremely strong (pro)
    They have updated some components, making them an even liter overall assembly (pro).
    They use a LOT OF CO2, So if yr running a converter drive W/it, & other CO2 operated items like chute deployment launchers, throttle blade actuators, shocks that pressurize & dump (again , mostly all door car items) Then the (Con) is all the CO2, u potentially can consume, cuz a qwik drive uses its fair share, & we consider them(Q/D) to be a huge (pro) but again, thats opinion.

    Lenco is sold now, (jan 1st, 2017) & I thk they kept 1 employee, the (new owners) did..
    For a while during the move, u couldnt get a clutch plate or floater, as they were on bk order for 3-4 months, but i think thats over now from what i hear.

    So is the fact that Gary & David-- & not sure if Matt was kept or not yet??
    (Havnt went dwn that rabbit hole yet) Anyway is this a (PRO OR A CON) ??

    ....that the company is a pro or a con, under new ownership?? I got no dog in that hunt, but got trannys in cars i tune, & need another 1 soon for myself, so gotta decide myself if im gonna go against the door car "Grain" & buy a B & J for my own turd boiler.

    Not that its relevant or worth mentioning, (but im gonna anyways, cuz who doesnt love irrelevant trivia,) .... the man who created the "LENCO", deserves his MAD props!!
    That would be the guy who owned Lenco, long before Gary Sumak did obviously.

    He was a really awesome cat named Leonard Abbott,
    & unfortunately, by Gods will, he , Mr. Abott,
    had to go an die of cancer (God Rest His Soul) after engineered, inventing, & creating the cooleat tranny of all time! That clutchless CS1 , bk in what, '72?

    Geez, ya think the word "Lenco" has anything to do with Leonards name, lol,
    Gods Speed my friend, & thanks for tens...-maybe hundreds of thousands, of clean clutchless tranny shifts. & hundreds of "still in reverser" burnouts, dry hops, bk in the day of manual sfts an dry hops after ur water brn out.

    ( & also thx Leonard, for a few rolled sprags at the most inopportune times it seemed, lol.
    Gotcha Len, jusk <j/k'n w/ ya> lol)

    (Pro) without Abbotts Lenco, we may not even have a B & J "triple threat" today, yep that 3 spragger is a real threat to any single sprag or flip clip tranny deal. Then you got Owens version thats Spragless, who makes a great tranny similar to a Lenco, but w/o the $800 Helicpoter sprag..

    Funny, but when u do the math vs engineering,
    If Lenco had built a Spragless deal like Owens did, they would have take about a 1/4 of a million dollar a yr profit center "OUT OF THERE BUSINESS MODEL" in an every 2 yr cycle, in Lenco's hayday,...

    Thats a lot of money in your pocket if ur selling sprags to fix clients trannys..
    When clearly Owens version eliminated that exp part all together,
    But only boat guys are smart enuff to use it for some reason??

    Im outta time to finish rite now so my pros an cons are done till another day,
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    Okay, I’ll ask........

    What is an Owens transmission, and if it is spragless then how does it operate exactly?


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