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  1. John Evanchuk

    Oct 1, 2005
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    Most parts new, some used
    BAE , RCD, Bryant, PSI, Dunn, MSD, Crower, Mark Williams, Waterman, Taylor Motorsports, B&J Transmissions, Lenco, Trick Titanium
    BAE .500 short deck block, 1" lifters, 60mm cam new
    BAE TA1X heads new
    Jessel lifters 1", new 9 pairs in the set
    Motorsports Unlimited .904 lifters, new
    BAE .904 lifters, used
    BAE black stand rocker assemblies, used
    Manton rocker assemblies, new
    Assorted length Manton pushrods, TS, 3/8, 11.780 to 12.540
    Bullet camshaft 54mm, 426 hemi, CRH 331/331-16R, 500 lift, 296 duration
    BAE billet valve covers, new
    Bryant crankshaft, 4.150, 2725 bw, rcd splined snout, new
    PSI D screwblower, certified, w/snout
    Waterman 21 gallon pump with 14% underdrive and complete fuel system - poppets, distribution blocks, nozzles, lines, shut off, front cam cover, filter
    B&J 3 speed Big Boy with neutral feature, new
    2 PSI screw injectors
    PSI screw blower adapters and fin kit with shoe
    3 PSI screwblower restraints, Taylor Motorsports
    **Complete Mark Williams diff, carbon brakes, calipers and rotors, call for mount measurements
    2 sets Taylor Motorsports driver restraints, new but need re-cert
    Lenco CS1, used, 1.92 low gear, input shaft 8 1/8, tailshaft cover
    Complete Fowler F11 1471 hi helix mounted on BAE standard deck manifold, Buzzard injector with barrel valve and linkages. Above fuel system was run with this combination on BAE 521 engine. Randy Anderson system.
    AE angle idler bracket, used
    RCD gear drive, new, RCD splined gear, cam gear and hub
    2 new Dunn offset mag drives
    MSD 44 mag, points box, coil all in black, new
    MSD 44 mag, points box, coil, used all in red
    MSD 44 coils, 2 new black
    MSD points box w/rev limiter, 2 new, black
    MSD hemi wire kits, 2 new, black
    Taylor parachutes, new
    Taylor pilot chutes, new, yellow
    Headers, 4 sets, egt fittings, 2 sets fit Camaro - BAE TA1X TAFC
    RCD starter drives, PSI screw and roots blowers
    RCD belt guard/starter brkt
    RCD belt gurds,new
    RCD crank trigger mount & pointer brkt, new
    RCD 7' degree wheel Alcohol or Nitro, w/magnets
    RCD assorted 14mm pullies, some new, some used, 25 to 40 tooth
    Crower 10.7 Ti clutch, used
    Burst panel kits, new

    I have great photos of everything
    I'm sure I've missed some parts. Most everything to go blown alcohol racing or Top Alcohol racing!!

    Call, text or PM for photos and pricing; John @ (780) 970-4744
  2. Larry G

    Larry G Member

    Apr 15, 2014
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    What are you asking for the Taylor chutes what size are they I need for a Nitro car send me a couple pictures please.
  3. Vxssgen111

    Vxssgen111 Member

    Jan 8, 2012
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    How much for crankshaft
  4. John Evanchuk

    Oct 1, 2005
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    Lenco CS1 and CS2 sold
    B&J sold Mark Williams rearend sold
    Fowler F11 and manifold sold
  5. John Evanchuk

    Oct 1, 2005
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    SOLD OUT. Another list coming soon. Thanks ITA

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