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  1. TAFC18
    TAFC18 cdrc
    still interested in engines?
  2. rocket344
    rocket344 brandon mckinney
    Brandon I'll give you 500.00 for the American spindle mounts. Rex Stevens 812-870-5558
    1. brandon mckinney
      brandon mckinney
      I would take 600.00 plus shipping
      Jun 14, 2017
  3. TDProto
    TDProto TAD55
    What's the width of your cage?
  4. powermaxx
    powermaxx DANA WARDELL
    8.3 ltr Arias-MBR parts, front covers, side rails. Sent an email also. I have 10.7 block will front cover fit?
  5. konrodz
    view my latest posts
  6. Bob Meyer
  7. kosky racing
    kosky racing Will Hanna
    Will since I ran tad allmost before you were born when do I loose the comp eleminator title??????
  8. atlas
    atlas Nitrolink
    How much for rear end plates in group 23 ?
  9. slowpoke96z28
    trying to do what I know can be done...
  10. brutustitan
    brutustitan Gen 3 Speed
    Did you ever sell the TFX92?
    I'm interested .
    Phone or text 925 437 1936
  11. brutustitan
    brutustitan ITS IN MY BLOOD
    I noticed back in 2013 you were selling a lot of KB blocks.
    Do you have any info. on the early stage 3 solid block .
    I'm considering buying an old fuel motor with KB heads, pan to blower to run alky F.C.
    Any info. you have I'd appreciate.
  12. shanedavison.
    shanedavison. Nitrolink
    Hi Brandon/Nitrolink just messaging about the weld front funny car wheels you have for sale and am wondering where about's you are located with them ie; in California or where about. Just so i can see if viable for freight to Australia. Please feel free to reply or email me at
    Thank you
  13. Dave poulsen
    Dave poulsen KZ5 Blown SBC
    Please send pics and price to 435-770-7071
    Thank you
  14. Fastkid
    Fastkid Will Hanna
    Hi Will , Just wondering if you had any contact info for Chrisman. We are in Australia and cant seem to get hold of any body. We are after a shim kit or a service kit for 10.5 are you able to steer me in the right direction
    Thanks Shane
  15. brutustitan
    brutustitan C. Zulim
    Are these blocks you have for sale 92's?
  16. halffast
    halffast youngtuner
    can i get a pic, of the starter and how much and how many of the 7/16 20 pressure feed adjusters, Thanks
  17. Jackflash65
    Jackflash65 Nitrolink
    Hi Brandon, do you have any of the silver Simpson chute packs? Please email me at thanks
  18. caseyspradlin
    caseyspradlin RLPRACING
    Phone number to call about coils please?
      Sorry, ain't been on for a while. 440--731-9627
      Apr 23, 2017
  19. Old Guy
  20. nitrofever1
    nitrofever1 hotrodharley
    I have a polished B & U With blue butterflies. You can see it on the car at Facebook at Hill family racing. My email is
    Let me know
    Dave Hill