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  1. Dave poulsen
    Dave poulsen KZ5 Blown SBC
    Please send pics and price to 435-770-7071
    Thank you
  2. Fastkid
    Fastkid Will Hanna
    Hi Will , Just wondering if you had any contact info for Chrisman. We are in Australia and cant seem to get hold of any body. We are after a shim kit or a service kit for 10.5 are you able to steer me in the right direction
    Thanks Shane
  3. brutustitan
    brutustitan C. Zulim
    Are these blocks you have for sale 92's?
  4. halffast
    halffast youngtuner
    can i get a pic, of the starter and how much and how many of the 7/16 20 pressure feed adjusters, Thanks
  5. Jackflash65
    Jackflash65 Nitrolink
    Hi Brandon, do you have any of the silver Simpson chute packs? Please email me at thanks
  6. caseyspradlin
    caseyspradlin RLPRACING
    Phone number to call about coils please?
  7. Old Guy
  8. nitrofever1
    nitrofever1 hotrodharley
    I have a polished B & U With blue butterflies. You can see it on the car at Facebook at Hill family racing. My email is
    Let me know
    Dave Hill
  9. leshall
    leshall kevin smith
    Send me a # so I can send some pictures of the blocks and rocker assembly. Thanks Les
  10. tdracer
    tdracer hotrodharley
    i have a BAU-3 email me at
  11. TonyB
    Can you just let me know if you have these parts.
  12. GTPerf
    GTPerf Will Hanna
    Will , I was trying to post a WTB post and my kid dropped her toy on the key board and it vanished I can't find it . will you not post it just delete it and I'll do another one tomorrow Thanks
  13. TonyB
    Do you have these parts or do you know anyone that could help me as trying to get out for Easter.
  14. TonyB
    You said you may have the parts I need for my older style B and J Quickdrive transbrake. Regards, Tony.
  15. GumBGone
    GumBGone TonyB
    Why do you want me to contact you?
  16. TonyB
    TonyB GumBGone
    Could you please contact me at regards, Tony.
  17. poolman
    poolman swansonhydro
    I have a set of older GM solid heads . There are EPD heads nice porting, comes with valves. Send me your email for some pics. $1500 takes them thanks Tony
    1. swansonhydro
      Thanks but need to run water
      Feb 14, 2017
  18. rfitzgerrel
    rfitzgerrel aort
    would like to know about mounting a starter on a m MBR in a door car do you have any pic or do start off the blower.
    thanks Richard
  19. kosky racing
    kosky racing Nitrolink
    Got any studs for Brad short deck 1/2-9/16--------1/2 -1/2---for newer style block short
    1. Nitrolink
      Thank you for the message... Nothing right now on those size studs... I can keep a lookout for a set. and keep you posted if I come across anything.
      All the best,
      Feb 3, 2017
  20. GTPerf
    He who dies with the most toys WIN's !