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  1. John byob
    John byob Dale H.
    Dale still need a pan thx
  2. Bob69
    Run a small blower depending on fuel. 900 hp is still hard to make depending on heads.
  3. bossman
    bossman Paul Noakes
    Paul do you have any CS1 fine spline ratios for sale??
    1. Paul Noakes
      Paul Noakes
      yes i do
      Oct 23, 2022
  4. John byob
    John byob Bob69
    Hemi fr a alteted was thinking a blower on it but some say 900 is the limit of hp and smallest stroke
  5. John byob
    John byob WIDEOPEN231
    Hey Chris get ahold of me Rob Stephien I sent u a pm on ir Facebook messenger, u have me on ur friends list already but I am in Facebook jail ha ha cool thx
  6. John byob
    John byob Bob69
    Thx bob, did u have any luck welding that cracked block? I had one welded up but haven’t tried it yet, but the best guy to ask is Jim wiens in Kansas area (417) 880-1945 jim
    1. Bob69
      No I havent done it yet. Its one of those jobs you hold off till there is nothing to do in the middle of winter. I still have a couple of engines to finish and two cars to complete.
      Sep 25, 2022
    2. John byob
      John byob
      Fuel head motors? And what kind of cars might ya be working on? Thx
      Sep 26, 2022
    3. Bob69
      Marathon boat BBC gas engine and SBC turbo drag gas. One car is for my daughter 93 TA radial and the other is my 69 Camaro Pro Mod. What about yourself?
      Oct 8, 2022
  7. John byob
    John byob Winr
    Ur water block is done fr any blown use. Wouldn’t even put a big stroke crank in it after it’s repaired. And best t stay with smallest crank and nothing over 850hp And u have to keep eying after repaired too.
    1. Winr
      Thanks...the plan is actuality to use it as a cackle motor
      Sep 27, 2022
  8. KJC
    KJC 1lucky
    I still have the rear end
  9. chutedragger
    chutedragger Kyle Hough

    Shoot me an email or text, and I will give you a call. I have a NTF roller that will fit likely fit your needs!


    Mike Pawluk
  10. halffast
    halffast DANA WARDELL
    Can I get a pic of the Wizard on head spring checker to, Thanks
  11. Tristan Graham
    Tristan Graham
    540 Solid Block Rodek for sale Long Block 16k 951-551-7645 for details
  12. gordon tarbell
    gordon tarbell Floyd Stringer
    Floyd , send me an email about what you want to run in you combination. "
  13. Gregger
    Gregger roadshow
    Interested in the KB..text or call 409 679 3939
    Thanks gp
  14. Gregg Urban
    Gregg Urban Fraser
    Phone # ? Thanks
  15. Winr
    Winr crewman
    Interested in the Wizards Spring checker adn Changer.
  16. michael t/d322
  17. Andy C
    Hi Dana the pully is 47-
    if you want i will trade u for 56 -54 8mm
  18. paul carey
    paul carey rickey
    Hey Ricky
    After one of those 1.5” spacers for my B
    Any idea where I could get one?
    Regards Paul
  19. Nitrolink
    Nitrolink fred bumpus
    Hi Fred:
    I have a KB Stage 15 Short Block with Bryant Crankshaft for sale... If interested you can call me at: (916) 425-1427 anytime and I'll be happy to go over all the details...
  20. Time Maker
    Time Maker tad1011
    Do you know of any JBR Dragster hats for sale? The 15 1/2" PSI mount one.