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  1. nitropuller
    nitropuller trip3
    Still interwsted in mag give me a call 419 348 6906
  2. blowntorana
    blowntorana TD 4028
    do you still have 10,5 top loader diff with carbon brakes for dale?
    1. TD 4028
      TD 4028
      Let me verify tomorrow, I had a guy tell me he wanted it but we never did fully close the deal/
      Jan 14, 2018 at 8:26 PM
  3. kosky racing
    kosky racing LEN COTTRELL
    len read your ad on the pan----never damaged------
  4. bjrmg
    bjrmg bm1279
    Interested sent email Sat. JR
  5. kosky racing
    kosky racing Will Hanna
    Will this black page is as bad as a unpainted carbon fiber body very hard to read and not a eye grabber-time for an update
  6. kosky racing
    kosky racing Nitrolink
    Got any RCD offset degree rings for alky not psi
    1. Nitrolink
      Thank you for the message. Nothing right now. Maybe in the next couple weeks. If anything comes up, I will definitely keep you posted.
      Thanks again,
      Dec 27, 2017
  7. sunday driver
    sunday driver Will Hanna
    Go check there is an article about Dan Mercier going TOP FUEL
  8. Derek Ward
    Derek Ward TD 4028
    Hey do you still have the 8x Heads for sale?
  9. tfb37
    tfb37 superbird03
    I'm interested in the 44mag only,let me know what you think!
  10. tfb37
    tfb37 superbird03
    Hi,what does "a ood running Alcohol Funny"mean?
    1. superbird03
      sorry, supposed to say "Everything came off of a good running Alcohol Funny car ran last year."

      just didn't want people to think it was a bunch of junk that has been laying in the corner of the shop for 5 years!
      Dec 15, 2017
  11. aventino68
    aventino68 1320metalman
    Hi, read your post on the PSI B model. I'm looking for a PSI to run on Gas, so anything that I find that's running billet rotors is fine? I got told that some of the clearances on the PSI blowers that were set up for alcohol were too tight.
  12. drew556
    drew556 skynard
    He also has an rcd front cover he would probably sell to
  13. drew556
    drew556 skynard
    my dad has a billet tfx block for sale on here it’s 4.375 bore it broke a rod didn’t hurt it to bad needs a pan rail repair we can have it fixed locally for you for about $500 he wants $3000 for the block his name is Wayne Roberts his cell number is 316-761-7208 my name is Andrew Roberts my cell number is 316-708-7166 just give him or I a call or text if your interested
  14. Tjernell
    Tjernell ta455
    Can i get a copy of hemi pattern also?
    Tack på förhand.
  15. Blown5402
    Blown5402 speedtwa
    Interested in the beadlocks, how do I call you or contact you? THANKS, Jim
  16. skynard
    skynard Nitrolink
    how much for stacker
  17. Mark pullen
    Mark pullen
    browell bellhowsing for quickdrive non lockup $1250. contact me at 4103039545
  18. Mark pullen
    Mark pullen
    60 milimeter bullet cam , call for specifications $400. contact me at 4103039545
  19. Mark pullen
    Mark pullen
    56 percent gear set $650. contact me at 4103039545
  20. Mark pullen
    Mark pullen
    44 percent gear set fine spline $600. contact me at 4103039545