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  1. Andy C
    Hi Dana the pully is 47-
    if you want i will trade u for 56 -54 8mm
  2. paul carey
    paul carey rickey
    Hey Ricky
    After one of those 1.5” spacers for my B
    Any idea where I could get one?
    Regards Paul
  3. Nitrolink
    Nitrolink fred bumpus
    Hi Fred:
    I have a KB Stage 15 Short Block with Bryant Crankshaft for sale... If interested you can call me at: (916) 425-1427 anytime and I'll be happy to go over all the details...
  4. Time Maker
    Time Maker tad1011
    Do you know of any JBR Dragster hats for sale? The 15 1/2" PSI mount one.
  5. skeen
    skeen Butch Blair
    do you still have the trailer ? if so please send pics to
  6. Leeza Diehl
  7. quick cut
    quick cut Eric Strandberg
    Hi Eric, David here the guy he brought you old car. Just giving you a up date & to say Hi.
    Not much left now. Had a bad crash about a year & half oil leak head on in to the wall. had to cut the body up as it was wrecked.
    Front half the frame again . So all that is left from you is the diff housing & the rear half. check out youtube drag racing crash Dave Mcgaw Quick Cut Pontiac Firebird hits wall.
  8. Nitro Madness
    Nitro Madness Eric Strandberg
    Eric - Gimme a call on the air actuated hi-speed leanout....Scott Gaulter 515-314-7015
  9. TOL
    TOL Soldierboy0098
    PICS of A980.
  10. PMP
    PMP jdm
    I'm looking for a RCD dry sump pump. How many do you have?
  11. Keith Black RacingEngines
    Keith Black RacingEngines
    Thanks for letting us join!
  12. James beadling
    James beadling Larc
    give me a call mite have one 2164020964 thanks jim.
  13. gordon tarbell
    gordon tarbell TOL
    Contact Bob Szabo at Air Density Online. He has a weather based tuning program that will help get your feet wet in the arena of tuning to the changes in weather . He is very helpful
  14. T-Wrecks
    T-Wrecks KZ5 Blown SBC
    I as well would like pictures of the heads and stuff to 3154542258
  15. T-Wrecks
    T-Wrecks mrk818
    You have a set of solid BBC heads for sale?
  16. Casey Grisel
    Casey Grisel nate4027
    Hey Nate,

    Jerry Darien has that style oil pan that your'e looking for. We ran it on a nostalgia A/fuel car. Want me to get some pictures of it to you?

    Casey Grisel
  17. John byob
    John byob Alkydrag
    Hi have some questions t ask u if ur not too busy thx email me at
  18. Leeza Diehl
  19. hines
    hines jody stroud
    did you ever try the 18-71
  20. kosky racing
    kosky racing Will Hanna
    Hey Will when will the news editor Finally say something about Cowies chances may finally happen- And I am still not been promoted from Comp. elim. This site has fallen behind big time-