WAR signs the Contingency Connection for 2005.

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    The World Alcohol Racers is proud to announce that they have signed the Contingency Connection for the 2005 season.

    In the never ending pursuit to make the World Alcohol Racers the “Organization of Choice” for our racing teams, the World Alcohol Racers have signed a deal with the Contingency Connection to post $50,000 in contingency prizes. Race teams competing with WAR can display a magnitude of manufactures decals to receive contingency postings. In our four race series, contingency posting will be paid to four places in each category. The Winner, Runner Up and both Semi Finalists will receive contingency postings in Dragster, Funny Car and Pro Modified. These posting will be in the form of a $25 certificates from the manufacturers to be used in purchasing products. A team finishing in one of these spots with 25 decals on the racecar will receive $500 in contingency postings. Although the contingency postings are not in the form of cash, teams are allowed to trade or sell them to other teams who can use them. The Manufacturers are looking for exposure and you do not have to run their product to collect. All that is required is to run the decal on both sides of the racecar. WAR will be able to supply you with decals at the first event, but please note that we are not your only source for decals. Decals can be obtained from your local speed shop or from the Manufacturer. WAR representatives will explain the program in depth in the drivers meeting at the Thunder Nationals.
    A complete lsit of Manufacturers are lister on the WAR website at www.worldalcoholracers.com

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