Turn Key or Rolling Jerry Haas built Pro Mod

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    Built in 2008 25-1.E SFI 4130 Chassis
    112 Inch Wheelbase
    69 Camaro Carbon Body
    Set up for 4.800 Hemi, Quick Drive Lock Up and Liberty 5 speed
    MasterSpline 11 inch Billet Rear Housing with Strange Carbon Brakes
    Haas 4 Link with GMS adjustable 4 link Brackets
    G-Force Dual Wheelie bar 4130
    Penske PRS 4 way Rear Shock
    Dual Stroud Chutes
    Weld Delta Rear Beadlock Wheels
    Carbon PST Driveshaft
    MSD Power Grid
    Electrimotion Command Module
    Electrimotion 8 Pole Fuel Log
    Lamb Front Struts with Carbon Brakes
    V-Series Weld Front Wheels
    G-Force Alum Fuel Tank
    Petersen Round Dry Sump Tank
    Racepak V-300 Fully Optioned
    Stainless Headers

    Drive Train

    MSR Built 521 Hemi
    CN Block
    TA-1X Heads
    Reid Rockers
    Billet Valve Covers
    Bryant Splined Crank
    System 1 Oil Pump
    65 Mm Cam Bore
    MSR Cam Tool Steel
    Jesel 1 inch Lifters
    Manton Push Rods
    BAE Intake
    Moroso Pan
    PSI D Rotor Blower
    JBR Hat Carbon 4 blade
    Resolution Fuel System
    Rage Billet Pump
    Dyno Sheets available

    Liberty 5 Speed Mag Case
    Quick Drive Lock up
    Chance Billet Lock Converter
    Bohr Ty Bellhousing

    Has Been 5.60 @ 261 in 1/4 mile at 2700 pounds with 97 over on blower
    Has Been 3.68 @ 206 in 1/8 Mile at 2700 Pounds with 102 over on Blower

    $150,000.00 Turn Key
    $65,000.00 Rolling

    Call Jon Salemi at Resolution Racing Services Inc. or jon@resolutionracing.com

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