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    been reading stuff on net concerning tunnel rams as we would like to build one for a old 331, 354, 392 hemi platform. will be n/a injected. most of the stuff ive been reading deals with carburetors and various experiences with design and tunning .

    so, would the same consideration with plenum volume in dealing with carb setup have same affect/consideration on a injected deal where the fuel is injected at the head port? is the port length more important then plenum volume. when considering plenum volume is the runners part of the plenum 'volume' and as mentioned above, does it matter now that fuel is injected at head? since injected, do the runners need to have a taper in them. isnt the reason for the taper to help create speed but is it important on injected deal at head.

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    Lots of info on net .Most is carb and no not same as with injection.Runner cross section, length and tapper do matter.Most A/fuel cars have fairly long runner,lots start out oval and transition into match head. Without a bunch of knowledge its a swag when building one.I know as I have one on FED that is first attempt at building one.Used some research on all aspects , but have other optional designs in mind if doesn't workout.

    Without the in depth knowledge the big name manifold builders have you probably will have to build a cpl and test. That's my plan anyway.

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