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    Will and Mike
    Starting points for Data Recoder do I try and get idle temps close first or because I stage at 5K setup them as close as possible ?
    Or how would you start a new data gathering installation.
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    Is this a blown deal? Clutch or converter? While they usually use about the same GPM at stage the way you get there is a bit different. If you have a decent jetting arrangement make a hit to the 330 and see what everything looks like. Then take it to the 660, then the 1,000 then the 1320. Keep an eye on your egts’s, plugs and as you get closer the bearings The general consensus is stage and run is more important than idle. As long as your not milking the oil terrible you should be fine. If it’s a clutch car I like to start a little heavy on the counter/ spring pressure and then when the engine gets “right” then start jacking around with the clutch to see what it likes. In general, more engine power equals more clutch plate load. If your a little on the light side as you begin to roll power in sometimes things happen to quickly and it’s tire shake central. This will also depends on which ratios you run in the rear and the transmission. The other thing worth mentioning is sometimes when your way rich or lean your egts will be all wacky and then you make the necessary adjustments to the whole system they will come back into check. With that said If you have a plug that’s all frosty, by all means steal some area from a very rich hole and jockey it over to that lean hole as your leaning the whole system (assuming your tuneup is rich to begin with). This is why they say it’s cheaper to get a flowed system and start making laps and tune from there.

    If we start with something we threw together in the garage and do the above procedure, we are about 2 days at the race track before we are making respectable full pulls, and doesn’t account for any breakage due to our ‘learning curve’. In general I feel switching combos is about a 3 year learning curve unless you make more than a 100 Runs a year or you spend the money for someone to setup your stuff and hold your hand at the track.

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