Time wasters, BS artists, and Dead beats

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    So over the last few months I have had three people tell me they are on the way with a deposit or are putting it into the bank so I could deliver and then waste three or more days of my time before finally ghosting. I figured I would save others the trouble I went through and list them. If these people call you they are not serious, will have you re organize your entire shop for them, have you clear time and tell you they are on the way and then no call/no show on you right up until the last second.

    Early March
    This guy calls me up and says he wants my KB hemi and will be in town for the Gator Nationals and will swing out over that weekend and pick up the hemi. He calls me Friday Morning I think it was and was like hay we got in town late and will be out tomorrow, the next day he says he was on the way and had car trouble and will be here at 8 or 8:30, at 9 I call him and he says he is still at the track. Sunday he no calls/no shows and will not answer. Rich Smith 570-490-5093.
    Below is a current ad of his, he was also selling an Opel GT during the time.

    Mid June 2020
    Called me on putting together a turnkey pro mod operation, says he won a legal case, bought a new trailer, and has 83k to work with and cannot afford my NRE hemi so I work out a deal for my older KB hemi that pops in right around 83k. Tells me he will be here over the weekend with cash so I clear my weekend plans. No call/No show and will not return texts or calls. Warren Bascomb 662-603-8090

    Late June 2020. This guy calls on my Dragster roller and hemi, talks a real good game. I tell him I will deliver the roller to Georgia and bring the hemi so he can inspect it and put a deposit on it. He agrees to deposit $200 into my bank account on the 27th to cover fuel and even sends me a pic of the money order on the 26th and asks if I can deliver on the 28th. Now I have spent three days fixing my truck/trailer and flaring up my back injury loading everything up only to be completely ghosted, will not answer calls or text. 470-955-9452

    Hope this helps prevent someone from wasting time and effort.
    Trevor Sherwood
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    Most are just picture collectors!

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