Spitzer Top Alochol Funny Car Roller For Sale - Low Passes - 2x National Event Champ

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    Snyder Motorsports
    2008 Spitzer TAFC For Sale

    2 Time National Event Winner (Brainerd, Pomona)
    Many Divisional Wins
    Low Passes

    2008 Spitzer Chassis
    Carbon Fiber Mustang Body
    125" Wheel Base
    Carbon Fiber Brakes Front and Rear
    Carbon Fiber Spill Plates
    Carbon Fiber Rear Deck Wings
    Carbon Fiber Helmet Shroud
    Carbon Fiber Electronics Box
    Fabricated Fuel and Oil Tanks
    Mark Williams 11" Rear End
    Firefox Fire Bottles
    ISP Helmet Pads
    Weld Wheels Front and Rear
    Electrimotion Safety Box and Components
    Stroud Spring Launcher Chutes
    Simpson Fresh Air Tank
    Autometer Tach, Oil and Head Temp Gauges
    Strange Master Cylinder

    Current to Safety Specs

    $38,000 Roller

    Also have RacePak Pro 1 Computer and PSI D Blower with Injector

    For More Pictures:

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