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    jt stewart piston pins 3.30 x 1.156, used 8 for $280
    trick titatnium 9.400 clutch can, cut out for cannon, has pedal, crook shaft, fork, and candlestick $2400

    crane cam r-296/4778 – 12x 48d, good shape $350

    rage 94 gallon fuel pump $1900
    enderle fuel rails, $100 pr
    Dunn dual mag drive $375
    11 inch psi blower snout with coupler and shaft, repaired, $700

    8 kluff exhaust rockers $900

    ssi billet front cover with 3 stud belt guard, used $100

    one side of decellis rs-2 rocker stands with ti shafts $750

    mckinney mag management box for fuel funny car $150
    Clutch management six stage timers, $500

    aft 10.5 six stand clutch hat and donut, no lever, good sfi $750

    boninfante 10.5 nine stand, five disc clutch complete w/levers. nice $2500

    Add shipping for all parts

    Paul Weiss

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