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    Check out this "COMPLETE PACKAGE" to include (1) MSD Pro Mag 44, (1) MSD Points Box of your choice and (1) MSD Red Coil for your state of the art racing operation. As we all know, there are certain components on a race car you don't want to second guess, especially on race day... And when your dealing with Ignition Systems, you'll definitely want to make sure it's not the weak link when your trying to establish a base line tune up.

    About the MSD Pro Mag 44 Generator:
    This MSD Pro Mag 44 (Part # 8140) was thoroughly tested recently by MSD and it has not been on a car since it came back. It's fresh, ready to roll and has been given a clean bill of health, so you can rest assured your money was well spent here!!! This one's slightly used and anodized black for that awesome look. And is the counter clock wise "Hemi" rotation (CCW) and is equipped with the popular Dunn drive set-up as well. It equipped with an NHRA Cert Tag making it legal for pro competition in either Top Fuel or Nitro Funny Car. And a brand new upgraded big cap and slightly used rotor and wire hold down are already installed to make this deal even that much better! This unit is in very nice shape, free of any damage and has your common very slight cosmetic scratches (see photos) from normal minimal use before it was recently freshened up. It's definitely ready for showtime!!!

    About the MSD Points Box & MSD Red Coil:
    This MSD Pro Mag 44 Electronic Points Box (Part # 8147) is the perfect match to the rest of this special package deal if you're looking to run the model that has the Rev Limiter set-up built in... If not and you prefer the other Points Box for a little less money, (Part #8145) then we can do that too... It's you're choice! Both are slightly used and have been recently checked by MSD. They are free of any visible damage and are good to go! The MSD Pro Mag 44 Red Coil (Part #8142) is slightly used and the "latest & greatest" current style Coil that replaces the older black version. It's definitely the hot set-up and the choice of champions when it comes to getting the job done right! And it also has been thoroughly load bank and meter tested recently by MSD and all numbers etc; look good to go. It's also in very clean condition with minimal use and free of any damage. So just like the Mag, you can buy with confidence... Hey, no weak used up parts sold here!

    14.JPG 15.JPG 19.JPG 23.JPG 24.JPG

    Why Buy New???

    If you've had a chance to shop around lately for this exact set-up brand new from MSD, then be prepared to start spending!!! A new Pro Mag 44 Generator, over $2250 Bucks!!! A new Mag 44 Rev Limiter Points Box, almost $1000 Bucks!!! A new Mag 44 Red Coil, right at $795 Bucks!!! That's a grand total of over $4000 Bucks for everything!!! But don't even think about spending that much here... Not today!!!

    Available immediately and priced to move at Only:
    $2795. + shipping with Rev Limiter Points Box.
    + shipping with Regular Points Box.

    More photos can be e-mailed to you directly upon request.

    For more info contact Brandon at: (916) 425-1427 anytime!

    Or send me a message thru this site and I'll be glad to get back with you...

    We have a large amount of Nitro & Alcohol Racing Parts FOR SALE so just give us a call, or e-mail your "wish list" and we'll take it from there. Thanks for looking!!!

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