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    Hanna Motorsport Services now offers email tuning consulting.

    Email me your runs from a weekend (up to 5) and I will review the data and make recommendations based on the data/information provided. Recommendations will also be based on your combination/application.

    Whether you are looking to solve a problem, learn wheelspeed/power management or just trying to find a few more hundredths, I can help. It also doesn't hurt to have another set of eyes from the outside for perspective.

    Up to 5 runs for a flat fee of $150 (one consultation).

    Prepay for four consultations for $450 ($150 discount).

    Daily remote tuning (by phone/text/email) available as well.

    Will Hanna
    979.415.4959 (no calls/texts after 9 p.m. CST)

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