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By Will Hanna on Feb 2, 2017 at 2:28 PM
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    Hanna launches InsideProMod.com

    DEER PARK, Texas – Drag Racing Entrepreneur Will Hanna, owner of the popular forums InsideTopAlcohol.com and InsideCompRacing.com is launching a new website, InsideProMod.com to cater to the Pro Mod/Doorslammer racing categories. He plans to use the same blue print that has made his other websites successful – generate useful content for racers to make it a community of racers.

    The wheels went into motion last December when another website shut down due to low activity. Hanna began exploring the feasibility of launching another website and discussed it with many figures in the industry at the Performance Racing Industry trade show.

    “We have a fair amount of Pro Mod activity on InsideTopAlcohol.com,” said Hanna. “ITA kind of has become a home for everything blown alcohol or blown nitro in the world. I noticed a prominent Pro Mod forum was shutting down as of December and realized that was the last of the dedicated Pro Mod forums. I reached out to them to see if they needed help staying afloat, they declined and decided to proceed with shutting the site down. I am fortunate enough this is my full time job and we have the infrastructure there to start another website. I asked a number of people within the industry at PRI if they would support it or if they thought I should do it, and it was a resounding yes. So we moved forward with it.

    “It’s no secret that social media has taken some of the discussion that used to go on forums,” Hanna continued. “Our strategy and our niche moving forward will be original technical content. There are plenty of outlets that cover the news, race results and personalities. Of course we will have that to a degree, but our focus will be on the technical side. I am going to use my experience as a crew chief to work with manufacturers to create engaging content that educates the racer. We are going to then use social media to leverage that content. We want to be a resource for racers as much as an entertainment source. It is going to add a lot of work to a full plate, but I’ve never been one to back down from a challenge.”

    In addition to technical content, Hanna is introducing the “Call ‘Em Out” forum to help facilitate racing rivalries and fan interest.

    “You can call someone out on social media and it will be broadcast to however many followers you have seen it in your ‘feed,” stated Hanna. “But when you put it on our forum, the whole world can see it. I think often times in our quest to be professional and get sponsors, we kind of lose sight of that core instinct of drag racing – my hot rod is badder than yours. Rivalries drive popularity in every sport, ours is no different. We are going to leverage social media to expand the footprint of these call-outs. It’s going to be fun.”

    “In much the same way ITA has encompassed much more than just Top Alcohol, we hope to provide a place for heads up Doorslammer racing in general,” added Hanna. “We are going to do our best to accommodate them all and be a resource for them as well.”

    Be sure to join in the action at www.InsideProMod.com
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Discussion in 'Alcohol Racing News' started by Will Hanna, Feb 2, 2017.

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