G-Force Race Cars built 68 Firebird Pro Mod

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    25-1 E SFI Dual rail Pro Mod
    112-113 inch wheelbase
    Cynergy Carbon Body
    Set up for Hemi and Clutch with 3 Speed CS2 Lenco
    Fabricated G-Force Rear Housing
    Strange Pro Mod Shocks
    Strange Ultra Case with 4.57 rear gear
    Strange Floater 5 on 5.5 Steel Brakes
    Strange Ultra Strut Steel brakes
    CO2 Bottle with Mounts (large)
    Stroud Launcher Chutes
    Stroud Seat Belts
    Stroud Window Net
    Fire Fox 20 pound Fire System
    Body is Vinyl Wrapped
    Trick Titanium Bellhousing
    Set up with Hand Brake, Clutch Pedal and Throttle
    Chassis Powder Coated Black
    American Racing Track Star Fronts
    American Racing Track Star Rear Double Bead Lock Rear
    4130 96 inch Dual Wheelie bar
    Headers for Hemi
    Racepak V-300 SD
    EM 15 Channel Timer with Dual Six shooters
    Carbon Tubs
    Black Anodized Tin Work
    Weights 2370 (no driver)
    Aluminum Fuel Tank
    Aluminum Dry Sump Tank
    Car was built in 2008, raced for 57 runs in 2009, then parked due to business
    Has Gone 6.00 at 241 MPH in 2009 NHRA Legal Pro Mod

    Car is in Great Shape with Low Run Count


    Call Jon Salemi at Resolution Racing Services 716-832-7583 or email jon@resolutionracing.com

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