Fuel management systems, Converters, Splined shafts, Blower inserts, tach, ect...

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    -Drive Train-
    Pinion collar, between 3/4 to 7/8" wide aluminum w/ magnet $20

    New MW 28" Long splined shaft, 1 3/8" diam, 32 spline. Cost $220, sell for $150

    Aircraft starter mount with brand new stands for 2 1/4-2.5" setback, comes w/ all hardware, fits SSI or PSI roots blowers, may fit others $60

    -Fuel system-
    Complete Davenport 4 port fuel management setup less Leahy controller w/ spares $500. This setup can be used with a Leahy electric controller or pneumatically.

    Complete DMPE 3 port fuel management system less Leahy controller $400. This setup can be used with a Leahy electric controller or pneumatically.

    Coan 11" Blown alky converter, Fits 1 1/4" Bruno input, ran 4.20's in 2900 lb roots blown 23 degree big block Chevy pro mod. Measures 11" from side to side, 6 bolt pattern. Serial numbers are as follows. On Flywheel pad R030316. On the converter is X5019A below that is 20021311. Converter was a good running converter and may have been serviced after removal by Bradco as it came out of one of his customers cars that he swapped towards a billet bolt together aluminum unit, I can find out if needed. $600+shipping, Half of what a new one would cost.

    Donovan th 400 blown alky converter, I have no way of getting the specs as the guy who made those converters past away. Says 11821 SPTWS EXP 12466797. I believe its 11". Make offer

    New mckinney cross shaft linkage #144-c aluminum for clutch pedal $15

    Input shaft for B&J big boy and 8 1/8" can w/ clutch $75

    -Gages and accessories-
    New Auto meter 6857 5" 11,000 tach w/ shift light. I bought it for $314 (have receipt) opened it, never wired or installed. Were not running a tach now. Sell for $250

    Auto meter model 605 sender for pro comp tach, screws onto mag drive and turns mechanical into electric when using Mallory Super Mag's $15

    New PSI 1.5" stuffer plate for psi roots blower, increases blower efficiency at lower overdrives (25-45%) Paid $200 sell for $100

    New ERD 1 1/4" stuffer plate for psi roots blower. Accomplishes inlet mod, very nice contouring, increases efficiency at mid range overdrives (30-50%). $125

    -Co2 regulators and accessories-
    2* 2" Co2 bottle mounts for panel mount, Jegs pn 555-60215 Cost $70 new sell for $45 in good shape.

    New 100 psi regulator, to screw onto co2 bottle $50

    GM Gen V Fully prepped and race ready block, checked and repaired at Scotty's Racing Technologies and not run since, ARP main studded, Filled, O-ringed, bore is 4.375" lt has 3 Heavy Duty Darton sleeves installed from where it took in some water in a boat and cracked 3 cylinders, It also has new cam bearings installed and a new torington bearing for the cam gear. I have some head studs for it and a timing cover with provisions for a fuel pump, it is adapted to work with a std MK 4 oil pan. It will hold 1450hp and was originally a 482 cid combo built by Doug Herbert for a tractor puller. I run the hemi now so I have no use for this. This is a good usable block not junk. $500

    9 * Keith Black hemi sleeves, out of std deck which is the same for +.100 I believe. These are a solid non tapered 4.7" od, some are 4.28" bore and others are 4.31" bore since I bought these to bore to 4.375" and thee was a sleeve shortage at that time, most are new. These can be safely bored to 4.375" in a Top alcohol application. I am selling because I no longer have any KB stuff and I have 17 spare BAE sleeves here. $350 for all 9. (I can get an exact count on each bore if needed)

    7 Victory Titanium Exhaust Square groove valves for BAE 6 heads w/ very low runs $200 (if I find the 8th one in the shop I'll throw it in, its like how you always lose one sock in the dryer)

    8 Victory Titanium Intake Square groove valves for BAE 6 heads w/ very low runs $200

    New Moroso oil pan pickups #16, I have 2 of them $20 ea

    Brand new set of professionally made Dbl walled fc zoomies, 1 warmup on them since new, fit BAE fathead 4-5 heads. $600

    MSD 8122 mag setup cap $25

    Accepted trades are as follows: Leahy electric 4 port fuel management. ,34 gear set for B&J big boy triple sprag trans, B&J big boy 2 or 3 spd trans. Center section for top alcohol dragster, prefer MW through bolt but may consider strange ultra with 4.11, 5.00, or 5.13 gear set. Manton moly spark plug tubes for BAE fathead 5's, Manton high ratio rocker parts for fatheads. BAE fathead 5 equiv or later heads, needing repairs o.k., 5 on 5.5" lightweight beadlocks or tubeless liner wheel's. Carbon rotors for MW hubs. Power grid 7730, Carbon fiber rear wing for top alcohol dragster. Aluminum Converter (partial or full) for 1 3/16" quickdrive -blown alcohol. Black magic Pro mag 44.

    Please call or email, its hard to check pm's on my cell, calling is best.

    Trevor Sherwood

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