Fresh 438 KB hemi complete less blower and hat

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    This came with a car I purchased for the trailer and blower. It was updated, freshened, fired, and then the owner passed away before it could be raced again. It has been sitting since 2006 but I pulled it apart to inspect it and cleaned it up a bit, everything was as advertised. Heads are off for inspection.

    KB block 4.31 bore, std cam diam and location, has Windows and one lifter repair all professionally done. Saddled on all 5 as a preventative measure.
    Crower 3.75" Crank finished by Velasco
    New Manley/Howards rods, 1 spare set
    Arias pistons
    Spare new rings
    2 cams
    2 sets of lifters + 1 pair
    1 set of tool steel pushrods + 1 set moly
    Billet Emmons heads, never hurt as far as I could tell (Land speed record holder Chauvin Emmons) he ran his heads on 100 percent nitro every run without failure. They are like a Stg 3 or 4 fuel head w/ 2.4/1.9 valves. New valves and springs + 5 spare springs.
    3 or 4 spare rocker arms
    Aluminum valve covers (Nostalgia)
    KB mag intake
    Mallary mag hopped up by Don Zig, several coils and 2 mag drives, + parts
    Hillborn fuel pump
    RCD magnesium pistol grip idler assy less pulley and pistol grip
    approx 10 1-2 run blower belts
    2 blower pulleys
    Headers, blower restraint brackets, Old offset starter, and diaper included

    Needs only new oil pan and valve cover gaskets along with a good clean re assembly.

    This is a great outlaw engine or top dragster engine and would run 6.1 with a good blower. 13k if purchased soon. 14k after. I also have the 275" dragster roller it came out of and would make a package deal on both.

    Calling or texting is best, please leave a message and I will call you back.

    Trevor Sherwood
    727-3Six4-4368 (Helps with auto dialers and scammers)

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