Former ADRL PX Vanishing point 63 vette, engine, and parts for sale

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    Failing health and government betrayal are causing me to sell my life's work and dreams, This does not mean I will give it away. This car was my lifeblood that I literally fought and bled in Iraq for and I put the best of everything I could into it. Aside from going to a lockup and Liberty trans there is nothing you can do to make this thing go faster and it will run with the best of them given a good blower.

    Video of the car

    RJ Ad with pic

    1963 Split window Vette Pro mod for sale
    Former Brian Daniels ADRL Pro Extreme, Won a Pro Extreme race.
    Weighed 2,450 lbs in Pro Extreme trim w/ 200 lb driver
    Car is setup for a screw blown fathead hemi with a Lenco drive 2 spd.
    Chassis is a Vanishing point that was updated by Garrett in 2007 with an ultralight front end, he replaced the X-Brace, wheely bars, 4 link bars and brackets, anti roll setup, wishbone, and made a set of stainless headers which are included.
    23" Wide cage at shoulders where the horizontal bar meets the funny car cage
    Body is a Fiberglass/Carbon Hairy Glass with an ultralight front end.
    $20,000 custom airbrushed paint job of the grim reaper
    Steel brakes
    Santhuff's shocks and struts
    New V Series front wheels, Ceramic bearings, and Goodyear tires
    Weld Alumastar knurled rears with custom solid centers that are 2-2.5 lbs lighter each than Welds, New liners, and Hoosier 34.5 rear tires (Will fit 36's)
    1 race on new Racepak V-300 SD with engine rpm, d/s rpm, oil pres, boost, flow meter, fuel pres, digital dash, and intake temp. No EGT stuff
    Dual Air launched chutes, New DJ safety harness, DJ safety Carbon engine bucket
    New Grid, Arc Module, and Leahy air shifter controlled by grid
    Leahy 4 port electric fuel management and 8 channel timer
    Fuel tank, puke tank, and dry sump tank, New aluminum fuel pickup tube (Needs cut to length and roll beaded)
    New Carbon 1480 series driveshaft with yoke and tunnel w/ shifter lever for 2 spd Lencodrive setup.
    All new wiring, needs final wiring (Dump valve), fuses, and testing.
    New Co2 Gage
    New door holder from McAmis
    Roller less center and egt stuff with Flow meter $42,000

    Fuel system and Lenco drive unit and assoc parts available, see my other adds.

    (Engine is pending sale)
    All new unless except Crank, Fuel pump extension, Mag drive, and the Idler assy. Manifold to pan with ignition and some spares 528 NRE S600 all billet short deck motor for sale
    NRE true billet front oiler block, 4.5" bore, 1/2" deck, 1" lifters on 2" spread, 60mm roller cam.
    NRE billet front oiling bearing support gear drive
    Ross gas ported custom pistons
    Total seal rings
    Precision 3.400 x 1.094 pins
    R&R Rods
    Bryant 4.150 splined crank (21 Runs, magged and crack free)
    Rcd aluminum Idler Pistol Grip with mag 3.4" wide pulley.
    Rcd pump extension (Used)
    RCD Front Mag drive (Used)
    Tool steel upper head studs
    Noonan Superman 600 head 2.550 x 1.950 valves
    60 mm Cam special MSR Profile
    Manton roller shaft rockers
    Manton 7/16 to 1/2 push rods
    Cam FX 1 inch roller lifters
    Victory valves
    Victory locks and retainers 10 deg
    PAC Valve Springs
    NRE Billet roots intake for digital fuel injection (You can make adapters and run std nozzles as well) Spare quick release burst assembly complete with diverter. This has the carbon tray and phenolic spacers. Cost $5,850 with the spare panel assy, spare burst panels
    MSD Pro mag 44 Upgraded, 2 coils (1 new 1 checked), ignition box (Checked) , crank triggers, brackets, Spare used wires and mag parts.
    Sleeve puller and puck (Used once)
    Jet tool
    Valve cover wrench
    Torquing spark plug wrench
    Valve lash tool
    MSR performance (Mike Stawicki Combo)
    Same motor went 3.67 (Record is a 3.66) in pro boost trim and it is fairly forgiving on the tuneup.

    $39,000 for all above or complete complete manifold to pan with parts below ***Pending sale***

    Parts I have not ordered yet:
    Olson dry sump pan (Not ordered yet)
    Barnes Dry Sump Oil Pump (Not ordered yet)
    Oil lines (Not ordered yet)
    Flat out head gaskets (Not ordered yet)
    RCD Bearing support degree ring and hub (Not ordered yet)
    Valve covers (Not ordered yet)

    $ 43,000

    Black DJ safety 20 firesuit, 2 runs since new just back from DJ fits 5'9" 200 lbs. New gloves, new size 11 driving shoe/boots, I have a spare pair of impact gloves and taylor boots I am throwing in. $900 Simpson Carbon Devil ray SA2005 helmet with new visor and head sock $500, Impact helmet $100

    Serious buyers only, I will block and ignore all others. Call, email, or text with any questions. Possible trades: Looking for a muscle car project, 69 Charger, 66 or 69 Fastback Mustang, 70-71 Satellite, Road runner, or GTX, 69-71 GTO, Buick GSX, possibly others considered. Rollers or projects will be considered as well.

    Trevor Sherwood
    727-3six4-436eight (Keeps the scammers and robo callers away)
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