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    Looking for information concerning a flow control valve. I have a K style distribution block on the motor. The flow control has a #8 inlet, as well as a #8 outlet. The K block has a #8 at the hat and a #8 at the port. I blocked off the #8 at the hat and plumbed a #8 from the port to the inlet of the flow control.

    On the discharge of the #8 flow control, I installed an 8 to 8x8 flow fitting. The question I have is this one #8 from the flow control going to be sufficient fuel to supply the hat and port nozzles on a 526 cu in hemi?
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    I run a 526, 1471, Everything is 10an from barrel through the flow meter to the Y, then 8an to the hat and port distribution blocks. This using the the hat outlet on the barrel. I use the port nozzel outlet on the k-valve for the hi-speeds.

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