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    I have 3 fire suits for sale, all fit 5'11"-6' 220 pounds one piece. First is a Taylor SFI-15 blue and black with arm restraints, current legal, made in 2010. Excellent shape, I used 3 times in 2010 , than NHRA rule change had to get a SFI-20, Taylor will verify, and will recert after 5 years. I paid $1600.00 trying to get $800.00 OBO. The other 2 are Impact, one SFI-15, and one SFI-20, excellent shape, blue and black, the SFI 20 was used at 4 races and the SFI-15 was used at 8 races. Impact will not recertify(never buy impact) If some one can use with out cert these are great. Have SFI tags on them. $350.00 a piece, have pics, Tim 847-312-2715 or

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