FED, Rooman, all Aluminum Pontiac 429 Blown alky

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    2010 Rooman (Keith Bugan) 200" FED 23" wide Roll cage
    Full Aluminum chute pack body.
    429 all aluminum Pontiac built by Freedom Racing Engines, 2017 build w/ 5 passes in 2018
    Arias pistons, Titan oil pump, new Littlefield blower, Bryant crank, BME alum. rods, Crower rocker arm assembly, MSD 20, RCD front drive, crank support, Kauffman high port heads.
    Reid powerglide case built by Dishon Trans.
    Strange floater 9"rear
    Beadlock wheels
    after car is sold....Class A motorhome and 28ft. loaded trailer is avaliable
    Glenn Lever
    Macedon NY
    585 704-3345
    racing web site... www.lever-family-racing.com for pics and more info.
    Please contact Glenn directly.......

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