Dragster wing . Chute safety tethers.

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    Could some one please send me the NHRA rule definition and requirements for the rear wing safety tethers that run from the wing to the chute cables.
    Either PM here or even email to greg.clayton@outlook.com

    Thanks Greg
  2. Will Hanna

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    You have to have two wires going around the main element of the wing, connected to the chute cables. You also have to have two wires (can be connected to the main wires) to the spill plates.

    Pro Tip: The area right around the wing stands is 'dead' air so you really don't disrupt the air going around the element right above the stands.

    What kills me is you see so many people put the spill plate wire on the bottom side of the main element. Remember we want the air to go faster on the bottom of the wing and slower on the top of the wing to create downforce. Anything round is pretty dirty aero wise, (why we have aero tubing), so I like to put the spill plate wires on the trailing edge of the top of the element to act like a mini wicker, and not be completely exposed (duct tape to element).

    Newer wings can be built with the wires built into the element.

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