DMPE M5 14-71 Supercharger W/ Janis Mods, Carbon hat W/ Spray Bar, Complete setup!!

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    This is a complete setup consisting of...

    -DMPE M5 14-71 supercharger

    -Mike Janis custom machined bottom outlet plate

    -Janis insert

    -Janis custom spacer

    -Knut 3 hole carbon hat with Janis spray bar

    -Restraint plate

    -Barrel valve

    -JBR distribution block

    -Throttle cable bracket

    -All hoses and fittings pictured with the exception of the flow meter

    -One 14mm pulley

    -Additional DMPE insert, spacer, and restraint plate package for high OD applications

    This setup has 31 runs since restripped by Mike Janis and all Janis mods have the same 31 runs as well as all of the bearings. At 22.5% OD this blower made 40lbs of boost on a BAE6 hemi. Never seen detonation, popped a burst panel, had any junk ran through it, etc. Blower spins freely like it should and the teflon strips are in great shape.

    Injector hat professionally painted and cleared with no cracks!

    Can provide more photos of anything you’d like!

    Call/text Kyle at 815-575-2761 for additional photos


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