Divisional Races--the problem I see

Discussion in 'System One Pit Buzz' started by RodBurkeDesigns, Jun 9, 2003.

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    May 13, 2003
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    I know this has been said numerous times by many others, but the one major problem that I see with the divisional races is the advertisement.

    A prime was the Divisional race in Reynolds, GA--although it got rained out.

    There is a local radio station that is located in Macon, GA that is about 20 - 30 min. from Reynolds. For the last 2 or 3 weeks, they have had atleast to 2 or 3 ads per day(that I have heard personally-[2hour listening period]) announcing the Fast and the Furious series that will hold one of their races at Silver Dollar Raceway next week. I believe they even had contests to give-
    away free tickets.

    The same could not be said about the Division 2 race that was rained out this past weekend. I didn't see or hear any advertising. Let me say, maybe there were some advertising I just didn't don't know about, but I only live a hour and a half from the track, and you would think I would have seen some advertising if there were any. I am in Macon atleast once a week. The same goes for the Divisional race in Atlanta.

    Now if there was some advertising, I just put my foot in my mouth.

    I was really wanting to see how many fans there would have been if the rain would have held off.

    The next try for the race is July 4-5.

    I am definately not saying that is the only way to improve the attendance to the Divisional races, but its a good place to start.

    What do some of the racers think?

    Rod Burke
  2. Mad-Mic

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    Jun 2, 2003
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    it's funny you talk about that. back in the early 90's my unlce, when he got his citgo sponsorship, called some local radio stations to pump up the southern nationals and none was interested! one even told him if they don't go round in circles don't even bother calling!

    i used to live in atlanta and can't remember if i ever heard about a dragrace being mentioned on any radio station. with nascar heritage mainly from the south i can understand that somewhat but its you guys that live down there that have to get the word out.
  3. MIke Eubank

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    May 7, 2003
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    Sometimes I think that they (nhra)don't even care if anyone is in the stands at the Div. races. I would think that the track owner would. In Tx. the local 1/8 mile tracks have no problem packin'em in for thier shows. The Div. races in TX. do alright, it just seems they could do alot better.

    just my .02 worth
    Mikey :rolleyes:
  4. Funnycarbob

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    May 14, 2003
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    Doesn't Clear Chanel own IHRA. Maybe why no NHRA on the radio. Hooters also sponsors IHRA and the NASCAR Hooters Cup. But you would think that they would talk up IHRA TA\FC?
  5. Dan Lucas

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    May 22, 2003
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    Hey Guys,
    The attendance problems are not only in the south- they are every where when it comes to the division meets.The reasons for this is due to lack of promotion by the tracks. However there is a reasons for this.
    NHRA. They do not offer any assistance to the tracks as they once did. There was a time when Winston gave all the tracks money to paint their grandstands and facilities, they also gave them advertising money for all of their major meets - points meets,open and the like.But to enhance the pro classes all of that money was taken away from these tracks to develop the Winston pro series. NHRA put the "small tracks" out on their on.This was the first step backwards for the div. points meets. Then NHRA charge the tracks tremendous div.points meet fees. These fees pay the div. directors salaries and keep the div. offices open. None of this money goes to help promote any events.After Winston money was pulled then these last sportsman sponsors money has been used to pay for the overall sportsman points fund, national event payout for the alcohol classes and only a small amount to help with div. event promotions (I have heard $2000 a points meet - which will not pay for one day of radio advertising )
    These last few years the lower classes entry fees are carrying the points meets. NHRA is contributing nothing but a little race day control. Look at the purses and the entry fees - do a little basis math.In the end results the
    track does not make any money off of the racers.It all goes to payout - Now spectators would be the answer - but have you check into advertising cost lately. To advertise a points meet properly - just radio and newspaper ads say 5 spots aday for a week on 2 stations and newspaper ads - between $10,000 and 18,000 depending on the area. Most track owners are
    afraid to take the gamble. Also, NHRA does not allow them to enhance the events with wheelstanders,jet cars and etc., which could give the event a night show to help with attendance draw.I have dealt with the cost situation alot in the past few years with UDRA .
    NHRA is not going to invest their money in the sportsman system as long as the pro program is making there "pockets fat" G. Light does not care if the whole sportsman went down the tube, if he could find a way to support the adminstration end of NHRA with out us !! The div.points system is a losing battle without some sponsors with big money and free of upper NHRA management control or an honest recommitment by NHRA. Don't hold your breath !
  6. Max Power

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    May 26, 2003
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    Well said Dan !

    When "Light" is heard saying over the radio
    "F#*k the Alcohol cars" it really says something about the situation. Certainly, NHRA is not the racers organization, it once was.

  7. Danny Willcocks

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    May 11, 2003
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    What is the "official" NHRA reason for all this?
  8. Grant Hensley

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    Jun 22, 2003
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    Mr. Lucas, most of your post is totally inaccurate and without fact:

    This is a true statement. The blame does lie with the Tracks themselves

    WRONG!! An NHRA Marketing Rep. is at every divisional race. They are usually there Thursday through Sunday putting up banners at local businesses and even soliciting some radio/TV advertising.

    This may be true where you're from, but it is most certainly not the norm.

    WRONG Again!! At every Points meet there are a minimum of 15-20 NHRA people (Full-Time and Part-Time) on the property. From Division Director, Tech. Director, Tech. Inspectors, and Safety Personnel. Plus the above mentioned Marketing Rep.

    WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Maybe NHRA won't enhance the show with booked in cars, but the track has every right to do so. In fact, it happens far more than you obviously know. I know one division that has a booked in Pro Mod race at one of thier Points meet and Friday night shows including Jets, Wheelie Cars, Nitro Harley's, and nighttime Qualifying at 2 others. As well, in that same division there are 3 points races where all of the Alcohol Eliminations are done on Saturday night. What more incentive do fans need? In some Divisions, the Director has gone out on his own within his Division and solicited sponsors (Car Dealers, Beverage Distributors, etc.) for Points races, special races within races, and Divisional equipment. If the Division races near you suck, it is more likely due to the Track Owner/Operator lack of caring than anyone else's.

    Please don't stereotype the whole Divisional system as BAD based on your observations in an obviously negelcted region.

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