Cygnus data logger (program)

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    Mar 23, 2020
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    I recently purchased a Keith Black Olds blown Alcohol motor and I’m getting close to getting it lit!
    My ?? Is this motor came with as I have I’d a Cygnus data logger with 3/ports plus 8/egt’s boost,oil,and fuel it does light up but?
    I need a program to load the info to my laptop,from what I understand these are no longer being made.
    I’m hoping to find someone that might have the program that I can purchased?
    I have pictures I’ll try to load
    On the bottom of the box it has 1002/701
    Top has front,Accel 1 and Accel 2
    Side has the egt ports
    On the other side it has the boost,fuel and oil ports
    231-690-5075 2801580B-2EC5-49B9-91FD-93EF84D3A9D3.jpeg

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