cs2 -lenco drive 3 speed and 1.16 planetary

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    May 25, 2006
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    will a 1.16 compound planetary work in a lenco drive 3 speed
    is there anything special i need ( shafts /spacers/ ect)

    im looking at 1.16 x 1.28 =1.48 1st gear
    1.48x 5.14= 7.63 starting line ratio

    if this will work i need a 1.16 compound planetary assy or 1.18 or two 1.20s

    this is a c screw pro mod at 75% od
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    Mar 8, 2008
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    The compound gear sets use a case and shaft that is, I think, just over an inch longer in total. Hugh Ridley has 2 front cases, 2 shafts and 2 gear sets; I think that they are 119's if I remember correctly. I think that one is new and the other has had only a couple of runs on it; they are both mint in any case. A conventional intermediate case/gear set and reverser go on the back. The overall would be just over the inch longer unless you shortened the output shaft. I think that he would sell the parts as we have quit TAD.
    Jeff Johnsen
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    Apr 26, 2015
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    Does anyone know if a compound gear set will hold up behind a screw blown hemi? I was told years ago from Lenco that those gear sets were not strong enough. If anyone has run these I would be great to hear some feedback.

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