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    Hard working, passionate person seeking a full time Crew Member position on a race car team. Experience with Nitro Funny Cars and Top Fuel Dragsters. Cylinder heads, short blocks, bottom end and some clutch experience. Journeyman Auto Mechanic by trade, I enjoy challenging task`s and advancing technology.

    I`m 27yrs old and have 18 years of Drag Racing experience from Jr.Dragsters, Top Dragster, Diesel racing, and Nitro

    Downside, I`m Canadian, So there is a bit of paper work to be done for a legit full time job, but having been born in Canada makes it a little easier and quicker for a particular work VISA.

    Went to seattle and drove to Brownsburg this year in search of work and didn`t have any luck, so I figured why not try social media... :cool:

    Resume in PDF format and ready to send, two references are Canadian 300mph club members :D
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