Cleaning Shop - Need to clear out some space (nitro and alky parts)

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    Everything listed needs to go to a new home for use instead of sitting on a shelf.

    Please TEXT 972-464-8274 or EMAIL for pictures and additional information if you have any interest in anything listed here. Buyer Pays ALL SHIPPING These are very fair prices for the purpose of selling this stuff, please refrain from unrealistic pricing offers.


    Venolia Nitro Pistons --

    4.251 Bore, 1.685 Comp Height, 017x 1/16x 3/16 rings, 1.156 Wrist pin
    20 Brand New -- $40 Ea
    8 -- 1 Run Excellent Condition $35.00 ea
    8 -- Excellent Condition but We don't know all the info $30.00 ea

    Hampton Injector Hat for 6/71 or 8/71 with Spacer, $475 plus shipping, Excellent Condition.

    Nitro Brooks Rods - 7.336 (wrist pin 1.156) 1 Set -- 1 pass and 2 warm ups $360.00
    will include 1 set of BME's that are good for a few runs, we have changed combinations and will not be using any of the 2 sets we received with Car.

    PSI Magnesium Injector Hat for Screw Blower. Very Good Condition.... $850.00 Has had a small repair done to it, but we have used it since and it works great. No Barrel Valve Included

    Wilwood Dynalite Single Floater Front Brake Kit Spindle Mount --

    SPE Front Spindles (Anglia) pair --

    Set of Aerolite 15x4 Spindle Mount Front Runners with Hoosier's on them
    $600 pair

    MSD Shiftlight 8952

    Headers: For MBR Funny Car / Altered
    2 Sets ----- 1st set Hedman with bungs, 2nd set Smiley with bungs, Hedman are in Great Condition, Smiley's have seen better days, but still very Usable
    Both Sets: $700.00 Will not separate.

    Taylor Diaper for MBR -- $400.00 Very VERY Good Condition( I think it may need recert, haven't looked at it in a while)

    1 B&J Triple Sprag with DT Blanket $3200.00 can mix and match ratio buyer wants, excellent condition,

    1 8 1/8 SFI 6.2 Trick Titanium Can Serial #1153 Excellent condition, last cert ran out 5/17, fits chevy or chrysler pattern block, B&J and or Lenco Trans. $1950.00

    Various 10.7 clutches and flywheels for sale, All Crower, All Excellent Condition Will need Cert

    Lots of 10/7 usable Discs, let us know what you need. Priced to move out of the shop.

    We have a Variety of MBR Rods and Pistons, and more parts/components (non MBR) just do not have them separated out. And will never run MBR again, so will be parting out at very reasonable costs, if you want to know what we have, just TEXT or EMAIL With Business obligations, I rarely have time to come on here. Pictures are on FB at Nancy Matter Motorsports to help avoid delay in response time.
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    Please send pic of the Hampton injector 562 447-8673 thanks
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    Bump - new parts listed, price reduction on many existing parts

    Reasonable offers Will Be Considered.

    Make it a great day!!!

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