Classifieds will be changing to pay format tonight

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    Just trying to give everyone a heads up that we will be changing the classifieds to a pay to post format.

    This change was supposed to take place in February, but we have been fine tuning the programming to get it right.

    We appreciate the support you have given us over the years, and we hope this latest change will not deter you from visiting, frequenting and using our site. Quite frankly the cost of everything is going up around us. We feel the $5 to post a classifieds ad is quite modest and cheaper than other prominent classifieds sites. The new format will also allow everyone to upload an image or multiple images for just $1 per image.

    Also to avoid any confusion, all other areas of the site will still be free to post! We are charging only for classifieds ads.

    The old classifieds will be left up to view for the next few months for browsing while we build content in the new classifieds.

    Feel free to email me with your comments at
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    Payment Process?

    Will, I posted here as many like me will want to know how to pay for the classified ads? Thanks, Jim


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