Cam Timing blown vs turbo

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    Ok so I had a post a while back everyone jumped on me. I had my cam in at 30degree wanted less low end torque was going to go to 25. I was told 25 was scary on a hemi what I find strange is retarding the cam makes more piston to intake clearance.

    Well anyways I just was helping a friend do build a turbo engine, got a new 60mm cam from bullet says to intall at 23BTDC at .050

    What is crazy to me is if turbo cars are lazy down low why not put them in at 30 or 35 even?
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    Turbo Cars are lazy down low for the same reason you could say A/Fuel cars are lazy down low. Turbos can make max power right off the starting line these days, so they are typically backed way down in timing. Turbo cars with the right staging controllers can leave with more boost than a roots or screw. The big advantage of cam timing in the turbos is ability to tweak your boost limits. If I'm maxed at 35 psi, if I can squeeze in another 2,000 cfm of air to hit the 35 psi limit, thats more fuel I can burn too at the same pressure. Nice part about turbos is they aren't necessarily tied to Engine RPM.

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