BRAND NEW 6-71 Supercharger FOR SALE!!!

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    Check out this BRAND NEW Kobelco/Fowler Supercharger we have up for sale today! Right now is the perfect opportunity to start off with fresh equipment to not only make it easier to establish you're base line tune-up. But also save yourself a bundle of cash by not having to buy elsewhere. This one could work well on your nitro, alcohol, or gas Dragster, Nostalgia Nitro Funny Car, Altered, Drag Boat, Pro Street, etc. And is ready to install and head for the race track!

    Technical Details:
    This brand new Kobelco/Fowler Blower is the popular 6-71 size. It has all the internal mods already done, making this Supercharger that much better! Top opening measures 10 7/8" by 4 1/2" if you need that figure. And Injector mounting holes are the standard measurement of 4 1/2" by 13. Equipped with a cast aluminum Case and Front & Rear Covers, this hi-performance racing component is definitely one of the nicest set-up's on the market. Loaded with a new set of 60° Billet Rotors, Teflon Strips and Nylatron this is exactly what's needed to deliver a nice tight seal. Blower Case has provisions to run Fuel Nozzles at the top, if you choose. Otherwise just plug them off. And with this very special package, we will also includes a new 5" Blower Snout, RCD Belt Guard & Starter Bracket to get you heading for the staging lanes that much quicker!

    033.JPG 036.JPG 018.JPG 005.JPG 030.JPG

    Why Buy New???
    This exact set-up would sells for over $6500 bucks to duplicate anywhere else. But don't even think about spending that much when you can pick this one up right here at a fraction of the cost... And have an extra $1500 bucks plus left over to spend elsewhere!!!

    Available immediately and priced to move at Only: $4995. OBO + shipping.

    More photos can be e-mailed to you directly upon request.

    For more info contact Brandon at: (916) 425-1427 anytime!

    Or send me a message through this site and I'll be glad to get back with you...

    We have a large amount of Nitro & Alcohol Racing Parts FOR SALE so just give us a call, or e-mail your "wish list" and we'll take it from there. Thanks for looking!!!

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