boninfante clutch grinder

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    -- like new-- $2800.
    The Boninfante VR-750 weighs only 165 pounds, runs on 110volt AC current and is a multi-purpose machine that can grind and re-surface not only clutch discs but also floaters, the clutch hat and flywheels with out removing the studs.
    It features a 10" Aluminum magnetic chuck with a variable speed motor, a 3/4 hp grinding wheel motor mounted on a cross-slide motor table and accepts 1 1/4" id grinding wheels up to 6" in diameter which allows the user to perform the same operations as the big machines at a much lower cost.
    Other features are it's light weight (165 lbs), a heavy-duty all Aluminum powder coated frame, a fully adjustable motor base for fine tuning and it is built to last and 100% American made
    call Tom @ 8502592753

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