Best Piston Design, Coating and Ring materials for Supercharged Small Block

Discussion in 'PSI Superchargers Tech Questions' started by Ray Hadford, Mar 22, 2020.

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    I was changing out my dated Manley aluminum rods and found cracked pistons described on this forum in another thread..... the pistons and rods are 2002 vintage...... probably old material and design. Combination went over 100 runs with no blow up...... Consider myself lucky on that part. That is probably as good as it gets.

    We are also happy with the performance. Have run 6.70s and 204 with a trans brake power glide, on a good prep track. 1700 lb car and driver.

    Motor is 388 in. small block chev 8-71 blower, bird catcher, 20 lb boost......methanol..... 8600 rpm

    Working with MGP on the new 6.0 in rods ( same as existing length)... Diamond pistons looks good to me have not yet contacted...... want to change to a strutted piston design hard anodize coated. Trying to avoid cracking . Need help on design, coating, and brand.

    I would appreciate suggestions for piston coating and ring configuration plus materials. The bow tie block is less than .0005 cylinder to cylinder. and less than that on each cylinder. Planning on a flex hone touch up. Ring material needs to be easy to seat. Bores still have lots of crosshatch.

    My current combination is unknown to me.........for materials...... did not build the motor and records are lost by previous owner.

    Current Ring package is .060 top and second. Second is gapless. ( has worked well... Pan pressure is low ( race pak instrumented, very little blow by) Oil has a support ring..(oil ring is in pin bore) seems like the existing oil ring is high tension, maybe too much ??

    Experienced input would be appreciated .

    Everyone stay healthy..

    Ray H.
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    I think Total Seal is by far the best ring on the market right now. I would give them a call to see what they recommend.

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