Best camshaft degree method

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    Just wondering which method everyone uses when degreeing in a cam. I have always measured 050 both sides of peak lift and was happy with that but I have been given a new cam (no paperwork)
    and there is a 2 degree difference between opening/closing events and the centerline method I have been using.

    To be clear, R296/500 cam that reads 30* @ 050 and closes 84* so 117 centreline

    The other method shows 114.5* centreline

    Which one do you believe??
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    What I’ve noticed is the camshaft is cut for a certain diameter lifter wheel and if your lifter manufacture uses a different size wheel than what the camshaft manufacturer figured into his profile it will add or subtract duration a couple few degrees. You can put the camshaft in at 32 or 36 @ .050 on the intake and deal with the extra duration on the back side, you can have the duration on the opening side of the lobe or you can split the difference and have a degree on either side. To really throw a wrench in the works adjusting your lash up and down can add or subtract duration at the valve. To really really throw a wrench in the works rockers have deflection built in and if you do you lift checking with weak springs it comes out wrong. Good Luck.
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    Most blown alcohol engine builders use the @.050 lift method.
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    . 050 " method here. It makes setting up my gear drive easier. Just set the lifter at the. 050 set the crank to what ever degree you want and install the gear on the cam. If that made sense.

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