BAE 8 Long block with spares - $12,000 or $7500 long block

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    469 CI 1/2 inch short deck
    TFX Block, Block has been windowed multiple times. Is a bit ugly, but all straight and square.
    Has a low run Bryant Billet 3.900 Stroke
    4375 Bore
    Sleeves are like new
    Camshaft is new
    2 new sets of rods
    New set of Pistons, Rings, Pins and Buttons
    Casale front gear drive
    Fuel pump extension
    Block has studs and will come with a set of lifters.
    Engine will come with push rods.

    Complete less rocker assembly.

    Parts alone are worth this without the block, looking to move quickly.
    For this kind of money would be a very affordable spare engine.
    Engine will also have oil pan

    $7500 Short block
    $12000 Long block
    $14500 Long block with BAE silver stand rocker assembly (pushrods for this combo). 7/16 self oiling adjusters and 12 new intake rockers included
    $15750 above long block with BAE mag intake and valve covers.

    Smokin' deal, get it while it's here.

    CA$H TALK$. Motivated seller!

    Will Hanna
    979.415.4959 (no calls/texts after 9 p.m. CST)
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