BAE .500 Short Deck, NEW Winberg 4.150, parting out short block sale - lots of new parts

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    Parting out my short block. This was the engine I was building for my car.

    BAE Billet -.500 short deck block, 4.4675 bore, 60 mm cam, 2 new sleeves, fresh Rottler hone, virgin, no saddles or windows - SALE PENDING

    NEW Winberg 4.150 PSI Spline, 8 C/W, Hemi Billet, 2930 B/W - SALE PENDING

    JE Pistons NEW - HMS/Randy Anderson design - Based off Randy Anderson TAFC piston with an 1.156 wrist pin. Used by several very fast TAD's. This piston design would go to 11.6:1 in a 521 CID motor with the right rod. With BME 1.156 tapered wrist pins and buttons to suit - $900 OBO. All parts new

    Total Seal ring package NEW - Cast Dykes top, Stainless Napier 2nd, H/T oil - $350

    GRP Rods NEW - 6.645 length, 1.156 pin, Pro material, L-19 bolts $850.

    Rotating assembly package - Buy this complete rotating assembly - Crank, Rods, Pistons, Pins, Buttons, Rings - SALE PENDING ON CRANK

    -Buy above rotating assembly with your choice of NEW GRP Rod length -SALE PENDING ON CRANK

    -NEW Williams BAE FC Dry Sump pan - $575

    -NEW HMS Custom Grind 60 mm cam. Same cam that went 5.47 in TAFC in 2013. SALE PENDING

    -NEW RCD Front Cover with 11 bolt cam gear and hub and crank gear - $1000

    -NEW Casale Pump Extension to fit RCD cover - $250

    -Jesel .904 lifters with 25 runs - SALE PENDING

    -Sitko offset mag drive - $650

    Package deals available

    Will Hanna
    979.415.4959 (no calls or texts after 9 p.m. CST)
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