Al Anabi Racing Pro Extreme Championship 69 Camaro (Alex Hossler)

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    Al Anabi Racing Pro Extreme Championship 69 Camaro


    Jerry Bickel Dual Rail 25.1 E Pro Mod
    113 Inch Wheel base
    2135 pounds with no driver
    Ultra Light Carbon body
    Set up for Hemi and Lencodrive 2 speed
    Browell 6.3 Aluminum Bellhousing
    Bickel Fabricated Housing
    Lamb Floater with Carbon Brakes
    Tom’s Billet Third Member 10 inch gear
    Penske Rear Shocks
    Lamb Struts carbon Brakes
    7 Gallon Plastic Fuel Cell
    Throttle Pedal
    C02 Bottle
    Stainless Headers
    Dual Simpson Chutes
    Simpson Fresh Air System
    Simpson Seat Belts
    20 Pound Fire System (spare bottle)
    Ness Dual Carbon wheelie bars
    Racepak V-300 SD all options
    EM 15 CH Timer with EM fuel Mgt
    MSD Power Grid
    Weld V Series Front wheels black anodized
    Weld Inner Liner Rear polished
    Body is Wrapped Vinyl (but Painted underneath)
    4130 and Carbon Fiber Driveshaft’s
    Carbon Interior
    Titanium Firewall
    Titanium Tunnel
    Titanium Window Frames
    Titanium Parachute Rack
    Titanium Tank Surround


    BAE Billet Fathead Hemi
    Short Deck Block
    BAE 9 Heads
    New Style BAE Shaft Rockers
    60 mm Camshaft
    Wet Sump Oil System
    Waterman Fuel Pump
    PSI C Screw Blower
    JBR Carbon Hat
    Manzo Fuel System
    Neal Chance NSX Billet Torque Converter

    Own the quickest and most winning 1/8 Mile Pro Mod
    3.51 seconds and 217 mph


    Call Jon Salemi at Resolution Racing Services 716-832-7583 or email

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