AJPE Fat Hat Hemi Long Block

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    AJPE Billet Hemi Standard Deck block with 4.467 Bore

    Bryant 4.150 Keyed Crank

    Arias Pistons 4.467 with .017 x 1/16 x 3/16 rings

    No Damage / Welding on block or heads

    AJPE Muscle Head II Billet Fat Heads

    AJPE Magnesium Manifold

    GRP Billet Rods (4 Runs)

    60 mm Comp Cam @ .050 294 / 304. Intake is in on 114 with .500 lobe. Cam is ground on 116 center.

    T&D Aluminum rockers

    .905 Comp lifters

    Victory 2.400 x 1.900 Titanium Valves

    Victory retainers locks and lash caps

    Pac 1360 intake and exhaust springs

    All springs check for pressure

    Coil bind checked

    Manton Push Rods

    M thrust bearing installed and grooved for oil passage

    P&P / RCD Dry Sump Pump

    AJPE Valve Covers

    Dan Olson Dry Sump Pan

    RCD Gear Drive and Front Cover

    RCD Pump Extension

    RCD Crank Hub and Internal Crank Support

    37 Runs on Engine

    4 Runs on Rods

    New Rings, Bearings, Hoan


    call Jon Salemi at Resolution Racing Services 716-832-7583 or jon@resolutionracing.com

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