540 blown alcohol bbc

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    dart big m, 10.2 deck, billet caps, .903 lifter bore, from reher morrison
    Howards pro max extreme blower crank, standard/standard, double keyed and balanced.(6 mallory slugs)
    lighting nitro aluminum rods,3 passes
    Arias blower piston 4.500 bore, buttons, rings.
    Awesome engines bbc blower cam 1600hp.
    Milodon gear drive.
    Milodon oil pan.Moroso oil pump
    Brodix, solid, 3xtra heads,new Nextek springs, fresh valve job, ported by Elliotts port works.
    Reher Morrison push rods.
    Harland sharp rockers and stud girdle.
    Indy BBC port matched blower intake w/blowout plate.
    Aluminum fabricated valve covers.
    Mooneyham 12/71 standard helix blower.(needs restriping) 44mm belt, set pulleys w/idler and hub.
    Enderlie bird catcher w/Kinsler barrel valve, restraints.
    Enderlie 110 pump.
    Cerillo (2)Mags,(need reversed) Greer offset drive, fresh plug wires and spare caps.
    Zoomie headers.
    copper head gaskets.
    call 940-389-2937

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