477 CID BAE TA-1X/TFX Long block and matching short block for sale

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    Lee Callaway TAD Engines sale

    477 Long Block
    TFX .500 short deck “Light” Approximately 30 runs no repairs
    4.500 sleeves with 3 runs
    Winberg Splined 3.750
    GRP Rods/CP Pistons w 3 runs
    Olson Pan
    KB Billet wet sump pump
    RCD billet front cover with bearing support
    75t Center Flange pulley
    FIE crank trigger
    RCD Aluminum 5” Pump extension
    Bullet 60 mm cam
    Jesel .904 lifters
    BAE TA-1X heads with 3 run(all parts) coated Victory Valves, Victory Retainers, lash caps and locks (Super 7). Manley 1461 springs. Never been repaired.
    Manton Rocker Assembly with roller tip exhaust
    Manton Tool Steel push rods
    Dunn mag drive
    MTI idler assembly
    Low run BAE mag valve covers powder coated black.

    Combo has been 5.27/274 in TAD trim. Immaculate condition and meticulously maintained. Intake and fuel system and dragster headers available.


    Matching 477 short block. No lifters. No oil pump
    Virgin block has less than 30 runs. Not the Light version
    New 4.500 sleeves
    New GRP/CP rods pistons and rings
    Winberg splined 3.750
    Bullet 60 mm cam
    Bullet 60 mm cam
    RCD billet front cover with bearing support
    RCD mag pump extension

    Dunn mag drive and RCD angled idler assembly (less idler pulley axle and bearings) available.


    Package deal $50,000

    Pics available

    Will Hanna
    979.415.4959 (No calls or texts after 9 p.m. CST)
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