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Thanks for considering Hanna Motorsport Services. I am prepared to offer your race team a wide range of services from individual race consulting, work as a hands-on Crew Chief for your team to completely manage and maintain your team full time. The vast majority of my experience is with screw blown hemis in TAD/TAFC, but I have worked with successful A/Fuel and Pro Mod teams in the past. I expect all of my customers to be committed to winning. 
Services offered:
-Individual Race Consulting: Will work for your team as a race to race consultant. Will supply baseline tune-up advice and help train crew and driver if necessary. Once I have worked established a baseline, can assist over-the-phone if necessary.
-Crew Chief: Will work with a team as a Crew Chief for a full-season or longer commitment. Will consider exclusive contracts. Outside of exclusive contracts, scheduling is on a first-come-first-serve basis.
-Full Race Team Management: I can completely maintain and run your racing operation. I will order all parts, maintain the car and get the car to and from the race track. All you have to do is show up and drive. Depending on scheduling commitments, may accept deals for as little as 5 races.
-Engine & Cylinder Head Service and Assembly: I can assemble and service your engine and cylinder heads. Let me give you the same attention to detail that has helped my customers be successful over the years. I have a trusted network of machine shops I trust to do my work, if any machining or repairs are necessary.
Here is a short list of my accomplishments:
Crew Chiefed Jason Cannon’s 2003 Division 2 Championship TAD (Blown Alcohol), extensive crewing experience on both blown and A/Fuel combos.
Drove Harry Clack’s ATC Racing Top Alcohol Funny Car from 2005 to 2007. Helped develop Lencodrive Combination to best of 5.66 at 254 mph.
.041 RT Avg. while driving Clack Funny Car.
Assisted Steve Harker in tuning his car to 2007 Division 4 Championship and No. 5 National finish.
Tuned Darvin Martinets to consistent 5.30's in Blown Alcohol Dragster, with a best of 5.346/267.80.
Reached final at three races in '07, including the Dallas National event.
Hired as Crew Chief for Chris Foster in 2009. Foster had never won a round of NHRA competition prior to ’09. Tuned Foster to the Division 3 TAFC Championship and No. 7 National finish.
Tuned European Top Methanol Dragster driver Fred Hanssen to a 5.309 at 266 mph, the quickest and fastest blown car in Europe.
2009 Division 3 Pro Sportsman Mechanic of the Year
Have worked with/for successful racers such as Lee Callaway, Tom Conway, Shelly Howard, Jay Meyer and others over the years.
Extensive contacts within motorsports industry.
I work very hard to make sure my customers are satisfied and improved race teams when I am done. I can provide numerous references to teams and business partners I have worked with to back this up.
I look forward to the possibility of doing business with you!
Will Hanna
Feb 1, 2015
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